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If I want to start blogging for a living I must increase the amount of money I’m making online. I have a few ways in which I plan on accomplishing this. First I will have to take a look at my current streams of income and determine the best most affective way to increase the generating revenues.

The reality

The bottom line right now is my Debt out weighs the amount of money I’m making online and it’s so substantial that if I was to quit my career I would literally be bankrupt. With that said I have come to the conclusion that I will not be able to be self employed and blogging for a living for a minimum of three more years.

Debt repayment

I figure by the time three years pass theincome from my online activities would have increased and my overall debt reduced. I have OSAP and an SUV payment that is hitting my bank hard right now and both will be paid off in three years.

The outlook

I imagine your thinking three years is a long time when in all reality its a very realistic goal I’m setting for myself. I have taken all the things needed to make an educated assumptions based on my current level of income and debt repayment.

Trust me I was not happy to reach this decision last night as I was hoping it would be reachable at a faster rate. Unless I see a dramatic increase in online income it’s not looking so good. So right now I’m strapped in and ready for the three year roller coaster ride to self employment.

Next step

At this point I only have one thing to do and that is to re evaluate the income sources I currently have and fine ways to increase them. My next few articles will be based on this fact and we will discuss how I can successfully increase the generating income from all my websites.

Feedback and Discussions

What’s your thoughts on my plans. If you were in the same position would you do things similar or do you have a more aggressive attitude? Do you have any other suggestions on how I can achieve my goal to make a living from blogging?


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