Is it time to upgrade your hosting account?

Have you seen your website slow in growth? Are you wondering what the reasons are? Perhaps you see some sign such as a high percentage of new users or a very high drop rate from visiting customers? Maybe it’s time to look at some new or upgraded hosting accounts.

I have learned from personal experience not having enough resources for your web business can be devastating to the growth of your website. When people visit your website there’s nothing worse than experiencing slow load times or page cannot display issues.

Last night I was on twitter asking people what they thought about a social networking website I own named Blog Engage and a few members were saying the website was slow, had issues loading at times. This isn’t the first time I had complaints regarding the speed of my website but I must say it’s the first time I listened. For these reasons I had to take into consideration the possibility of upgrading my hosting account to a Virtual Dedicated Web Server.

After doing research and looking at competitive pricing plans I quickly came to a conclusion. I have decided to purchase a Virtual Dedicated server offered from my current host Godaddy. This is a huge change from a shred hosting server. First I have to install all the server side software, add IP addresses, setup the DNS settings and forward domains.

I should let you know I never once managed a server so I’m seriously in way over my head! I don’t know anything regarding security, server software or where to even start. I was reading a guide from the Godaddy support website and the process is long but it appears it’s actually pretty easy.

So if you visit my blog or any other website I own over the next week or so and it’s down you should know I’m sitting at home pulling my hair out.

What are my server specs?

• 10 GB disk space
• 500 GB bandwidth
• 256 MB RAM Guaranteed (1 GB RAM Bursted)
• Linux: CentOS or Red Hat F7

Overall I know this might not be so great but it’s extremely better than my shared hosting account which doesn’t have access to this information. The total cost for the year is 290 USD and that’s with a 20% discount

What’s the benefit of upgrading?

I think the best thing I get from upgrading is the opportunity to make more customers and visitors happy. I don’t want people visiting my website to find out the server load it to high, or the website can’t be displayed. To me this is unacceptable and is an example on how not to run a business.

I’m not beating around the bush here guys I knew this was a problem I just didn’t have the funds to invest in this server. The idea now is to dedicate my next three Google checks to my credit card.

Do you have any suggestion on how I can set up my website with the least downtime? Remember I’m a Server Administrator noob so anything you know that can help me would be appreciated! Wish me luck because this weekend I’m setting it up and the transfer of my many sites will begin.

Top reasons to upgrade your hosting account

1. Poor customer experience
2. Slow load times
3. Customer complaints
4. Website timeouts
5. Improved customer experience

Thanks and I hope this helps improve your experience visiting my websites.

Brian b

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