It’s nothing unique, It’s called hard work

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Engaging with other bloggers is easier said than done. For example it’s easy to say you will follow your visitors back to their blogs and comment but actually doing it is much harder then most think.

Over the past two weeks I have literally forced myself to engage with my blog readers on their blogs as well as here on my blog. I’m trying to get to know my readers better and perhaps understand what they do on their blogs.

Blogging is such a fun hobby and has truly become one of my most favorite activities online to this day. In the past two weeks I have proved to myself that I can have a successful blog with daily readers and visitors.

I have an interesting mix of marketing methods that has been working and it consists of hard work that you must practice daily on your blog in order for it to work properly. Trust me when I say it’s nothing unique; just hard work that’s all.

Reply to your comments

I know it’s time consuming and becomes a full time gig but you have to acknowledge your readers. When they take the time to comment you should reply to them. Not replying to your blog readers is rude and might show a lack of interest in their visiting. Let’s be realistic not all comments require your reply but the majority of them can turn into intellectual discussions.

Comment on their blog

Follow your blog readers comment luv and build on your relationships with them. I think it’s so important to visit the blogs of the people leaving comments on your blog. Read their article and make a comment if it remotely interests you. They will appreciate this trust me, just make sure you read the article and your comment ads some sort of value.

Follow them on twitter and tweet

I always follow the bloggers that comment on my blog on twitter. I think this is a great way to build on your relationships and keep an eye on their latest activity. Randomly tweeting their articles and engaging in social media marketing with them will increase the strength of your relationships.

Yes it’s hard work

Returning comments to the bloggers that leave comments on your blog is hard work. If your blog starts getting popular you could be posting 20 – 30 comments a day at minimum. This number will only increase as the blog starts to build larger. Whatever you do, don’t rush the process remember these should be sincere comments as they have taken the time to visit and comment on your blog.

Feedback and Discussions

How do you manage your time? How do you keep up with all your comments and do you reply to every single one? Do you give priority to the bloggers leaving comments on your blog before you start marketing other article you find online?


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  1. Tuan says:

    Yeah, it is absolutely hard work.
    It often takes more time commenting on other blog than writing a new blog post. It is not easy to follow back and comment on other blogs regularly too. I choose a different method to engage with other bloggers, I just comment on top commentators’ blogs and on some new blog posts I found on Blogengage. I think it will be more effective and time saving. 🙂
    Tuan recently posted…Differences between Motorola Xoom and iPad 2My Profile

    • bbrian017 says:

      Hi Tuan, it has been very difficult but I’ll be honest it’s working. My blog is active. I have people visiting and comments so i think it’s working out great. Like you I also use blog engage to find articles and it’s far more affective.

  2. You are right Brian, it’s a lot of work engaging with other fellow bloggers.

    I’m not much of a commenter but I’ll try my best to leave a comment on blogs that have commented on mine.

    Yes, I’ll always try to reply to comments on my blogs.

    And people thought blogging is easy 🙂
    Roseli A. Bakar recently posted…Grow Your Online Freelance BusinessMy Profile

    • bbrian017 says:

      Hi there Roseli, thanks for posting a comment. Seeing you don’t make comments normally that means a lotto me. Your right blogging is a tough one that many people underestimate. I also like to think once you get the rhythm starts it may flow naturally and become a regular habit.

  3. Absolutley. It is hard work. Especially if you want your blog to grow and you want to build your readership and community.

    Sometimes you don’t see the reward until a year, Two, maybe even three years later.

    I have written at legth about hard work, and replying to comments.
    I feel that replying to comments, when needed, is so essential
    Robert Bravery recently posted…Comments- Comments- What Can I Do For More CommentsMy Profile

    • bbrian017 says:

      Hi Robert, I like your energy when it comes to replying to blog comments. I agree with you 100%. To me this is the best opportunity to reach out to someone on a personal level. This is our one chance to make an impression on our readers so we better take advantage of it.

  4. Fairooz says:

    Yes, Brian. Returning a favor by commenting back on their blog is really a hard work.
    But that is worth doing. So they’ll come back to our blog next time and keep commenting for new blog posts, And we get them as a regular reader.

    Just like i got you and you got me! 😉
    Fairooz recently posted…Free Online Photo Editors for BloggersMy Profile

    • bbrian017 says:

      Hi there Fairooz, sometimes I find the most difficult part is finding an interest in the other bloggers content. I haven’t ran into this much but it has happened a couple of times. I’m lucky to ave interests in many different are’s which allows me to comment on many blogs.

  5. Jimi Jones says:

    Spot on post, Brian.

    These are all great points that lead to relationship building and reciprocal traffic to your own blog. It’s tough at times but there is no getting around the fact that this is a craft for those with plenty of get-up-and-go. 🙂

    But this is what success is all about, getting out there and making things happen. No one said it would be easy, and it is not.

    One of the key factor to this process is smart management of your time. Without it, there will hardly ever be time for the things that matter most. Sure, life will still manage to get in the way at times, but overall we have to be great time managers.
    Jimi Jones recently posted…The Sunday Seven WeeklyMy Profile

    • bbrian017 says:

      Hi Jimi, time management is so important, we have a lot to do in a day besides blogging and commenting. I work full time Monday to Friday so my time is already limited. Anything I get done is in between these buy times. As hard as it is this is the most affective way to gain new readers and followers of your blog that I have tried. Nothing else provides such a high return on time spent.

  6. Portland Web Development says:

    Hi Brain,

    we can see your hard work at every post’s reply. commenting back isn’t hard for me. its interesting ti see what other comment on our blog


  1. Vote on this article at says:

    It’s nothing unique, It’s called hard work…

    Engaging with other bloggers is easier said than done. For example it’s easy to say you will follow your visitors back to their blogs and comment but actually doing it is much harder then most think….

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