Lets talk about blog engage groups

First and foremost we have to realize the groups are not meant marketing such as mybloglog and blogcatalog. You cannot post topics or threads and message all members. The idea of the groups is to share and submit articles to them. When you first join a group at blogengage you will see it’s very similar to blogengage main site. You have published and upcoming article that you submitted to the group. Your group members will always vote for you and your submitted content. When submitting new article after joining a group you will see the following options.


From here your groups will be displayed in the drop down menu!


Every group will have a minimum number of votes needed to be published within that group which is separate from the main website. So in theory you could be published in your group and not on blogengage or published on blogengage but not in your group.

What type of groups should we start?

Niche specific groups would be your best bet. Technology, Sports, SEO, Marketing, Sales, Web Traffic and more. This way you can target our members with unique and niche related articles.

Group Share

When you are part of a group you also have the ability to share stories you like with your group members. So this means even as a blog reader and not a blogger you can participate inside your group adding benefit to all group members. Submitting group related article is always of importance.


This is what the Group Shares will look like inside your group


Let me know what you think!


What else could we use the groups for?

Do you see any benefit in using the groups to help publish your own article on the main site?

As always don’t forget to vote for me @ blogengage and if interested you can join my social group.



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