Managing a Social Network

I’ve never stopped to think how much would be involved with owning and managing a social network. I simply had the idea and started to develop it. It was funny because I bought the domain name and then made the site. I knew what software I wanted I didn’t have any idea’s and for some strange reason I like the name blogengage. I would had never imagined having so much business and social responsibilities. I receive e-mails consistently regarding customer support and more. At times with the amount of spam I have to face the owning and managing a social network can be overwhelming.

I first started with blogengage back in 2007. The site was small, no semi custom template and looked like an out of the box pligg 9.9.0 beta software system. I was always a fan of  phpbb so I knew if I was going to start up blogengage I also wanted to create a small support and blogging forum.  I also went and created a blog directory on the same domain name a few week into the website.

For the past 2 years my only regret is not expanding on the look of my website. The Forums, The Social Network and the Blog Directory look like different planets. I have no consistency and it drives me nuts! I’m OCD like that when it comes to anything I take pride in. It must be perfect and if it’s not perfect then it must be to the best of my ability.

Customer Service

People get really picky in this environment and are easily offended. I take all e-mails with caution but come on I’m only human and I have bad days too. I try to be prompt and reply to all support cases with definitive answers.

Servers and Costs

I will admit I’m not a rich guy. I purchased a Virtual Server for blogengage and my other websites run from it as well. Eventually I will look at purchasing a dedicated server but right now my funds will not allow it. I just bought a 2009 Kia Sportage and my student loans are killing me.

Design and Functionality

I think overall I’ve managed to provide our community with some cool functions and features to build quality relationships and meet new friends while promoting and marketing their blogs. Blogengage has many features all bloggers can take advantage of. The community is Do Follow and passes all the page rank juice to it’s blogging members. We have a nice top members promotional spot in the top sidebar and I also offer a featured spot for random articles. We offer a link love program and multiple ways to promote your blog using our blog forum.

Growth and outlook

I’m 100% dedicated to blogengage and it’s members. I will Market, Design, Develop and Promote the blogengage of today and make it into the blogengage of tomorrow. With you, as members and  friends we will grow.

As always don’t forget to vote for me @ blogengage and if interested you can join my social group.

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