Marketing Planning Process for Blogging

What a better way to start off the weekend with a nice article regarding the marketing planning process for blogging. Generally the backbone of successfully developing a blog in today’s industry. I have gathered some really nice examples and compiled a chart to help you, my readers to better understand how to market your own blog. As always businesses do this everyday for new products I’m simply applying it to blogging. So this is good and intelligent information.

Blogging Objectives and Planning

Lets face it! You have to know where you need to be and how you’re going to get there in today’s intense blogging market. Understanding your audience (readers) and delivering and fulfilling a need is of most importance. I like to think my readers are here reading my blog waiting for my next intelligent article to share. We have to create objectives and plans appropriately to meet and achieve the needs of our readers. I have managed to split the into three segments.

External Blogging Influences

Things will influence you in life and will help you come up with unique and original ideas when blogging. This can be very good seeing blogging wears thin after a few months and unique ideas become harder to find. Take all your external life influences and apply then to blogging ideas. You never know how what you can come up with. Most of my articles are from personal life experiences.

Internal Blogging Influences
You will notice your readers posting comments on your blog. Judging on what they say and comment on you can determine what they like reading. This will help you create your planning and objective mentioned below.


Blog Marketing Plan

Your blog Marketing Plan is really intense and is built up of many sections.

  • Objectives – Setting small obtainable and realistic objectives is a must. Don’t over load yourself with pressure! Baby Steps, Baby Steps
  • Strategies – Now that you have objectives set we have to determine how you’re going to achieve these objectives. This will be the steps taken and in a very unique/specific order that must be followed.
  • Target Markets – Do the research and determine what your target market is. This way you can specialize in what you do offering better products or services to your readers or end consumers.
  • Overhead – It’s not free and blogging will cost you money. Self hosted word press blogs are what I always recommend as a professional blogger. When you start off wordpress or blogger is a great way to test your waters. Eventually your costs will increase but don’t worry so will your profits.
  • Execution – It always amazes me how much work we put into launching a successful blog yet an unsuccessful execution halts everything. It’s like the NASA Space Exploration Projects! Years and years of work gets tested and is dependent on that last minute of the launch, the execution


After all is said and done we have accomplished a lot for our blog marketing plan. It’s now time to implement our strategies and accomplish our objectives. Don’t give up at this point or let back. We have to be accurate and persistent. Remember determination and persistence will grant you success.

Evaluation and Control

I good example of this can be found on my blog. Yesterday I posted about stumbleupon. If you an avid reader if mine you wold know this is not my normal type of topic. Perhaps you didn’t care but I made a management decision to post something off beat and fun. I think it’s nice once in awhile and other would argue the differ. The point here is to post in your niche, consistently and control your blog as needed to meet your objective. This is a great time to look at your growth and see if it’s the right direction stated within your marketing plan and marketing plan process.

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