My first blog in advance article!

I really think this blog in advance thing is going to workout for me! I can now set aside the proper amount of time to blog in advance and when I have time I can still blog in between my normally scheduled releases.

I’m thinking the hardest part now will be the ideas and topics. Where will I get all my blogging ideas from? Thank god for me this has never been an issue. I’m very original, unique and full of creative and innovative ideals. I’m a marketing genius if you will. So over the next week at minimum you can expect 1 post per day. So if you’re bored at work don’t forget to stop by and visit!

Like normal the majority of my discussions will be related to SEO, Marketing, Promotion and Advertising. This seems to be a pretty good niche for me. I work in Marketing and Sales so I’m thinking anything I write will be influenced by my work or the life I live.

I’m also open to suggestions. So if you’re reading now and would like to see something in specific don’t hesitate to contact me or leave a reply with your ideals. What I can do is research the idea and post to the best of my ability regarding that topic.

I hope to see a positive response from my readers over the next week regarding interaction and commenting. We are a do follow blog so the top commenter’s plug-in and the comment links will be passing the juice.  I don’t allow or promote the idea of comment spam so if you do subscribe to our conversations don’t worry you won’t get any spam.

I’m really excited and look forward to engaging with all readers. Please if you’re going to be active on my blog I ask a favor of you. I would appreciate if you took the time and voted for my articles. I’m active at about three of four social communities and would like to see my visitors and readers voting for me.

Social community accounts are free so it’s at no cost to you. I normally submit the article myself but need you to vote! So if you have time, enjoy my article please take a moment and vote! As you can clearly see I have the blogengage wordpress plug-in on every article so please vote.

We this is the official kick off of my daily blogging campaign. I hope to see you commenting and actively visiting my blog.



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