Re examining your blogging values

I”m excited for this week writing challenge from blog engage. I’m going to examine my blogging activities and values to determine if I’m doing all of this to the best of my ability.

Chances are I might find many things that need to be improved upon. The challenge is actually difficult because we are the hardest on our selves now aren’t we? So I’m going to look at my website ‘SEO MKT” and determine if I’m running it to the best of my ability. I’m going to look at management, marketing, promotion, branding, SEO, traffic and other data to help make my final top to things I can do to be a better blogger.

I will be using online free web tools to analyze my SEO, Web Traffic and Branding Trends. I will look at backlinks, Page Rank, SEO Traffic using Google Analytics. The same concept can be used to analyze a website as well that isn’t specific to a blogging platforms.

Web Traffic

First I wanted to use a general statistic made available from the public be accessing Alexa ranks your website in comparison to all the other websites on the net and determines what your standing are based on your total word wide web traffic. According to my blog is in the top 202,000 websites to have the most generated traffic or visits.

Another website I like to use to analyze my web traffic is I’m a new user to the site but it seems to have very accurate information. They provide information very similar to Alexa and have been building a lot of authority over the past two years.

Now that I had a good look at some statistical information I can try to come up with a list of ten things I should try to do differently to be a better blogger.

Increase my subscriber list – right now I don’t have many blog subscribers so I’m working on my e-book in order to increase that number. This number should be much larger in the near future.

Reply to my comments – After doing much research it seems bloggers have more return visitors when they reply to comments left on their blog. I do plan on trying to accomplish this on a more frequent basis.

Targeted back links – My blog is a weak Page Rank three and I want to improve on this. Over the year I will be working on creating high quality and keyword targeted back links.

Marketing – I do a lot of marketing with my blog but perhaps it’s time to reevaluate the communities I’m spending my time in. Let’s see if I can find more productive ways to get the word out.

Social networking – Same as marketing I would like to increase the amount of social networks I’m part of. I know blog engage has a lot to offer but who’s to say I shouldn’t’ be looking other places as well.

Blog Commenting – I plan on making more comments on my friends blogs. I have been slacking in this area and plan to use blog engage as my means to find blogs to comment on. In return leaving my blog link for others to follow including the blog owner.

Time and Dedication – I’m simply not putting enough time into my blog. I find myself dedicating all my free time to blog engage so in the coming months I would like to devote some extra time to the growth of SEOMKT.

Research and Content – Perhaps my content is a little dull. I will try to do more research on my articles and come up with more interesting and exciting article to write. Information that is new, relevant and interesting.

Images and writing style – I’m going to start learning new ways to release my content. Either it be a new and nice layout blogging style or by adding exciting images. I think my articles might be a little dull and I look forward to somehow spicing them up.

Listen to my readers – I promise to start listening to my readers more often. They leave suggestions and perhaps I over look them when I should be embracing them.

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  1. element321 says:

    Brian great post. I think this is a good idea and thanks for the info about compete. I had wondered about them and from screenshots it looks like I need to check them out.
    .-= element321´s last blog ..52 Beautiful Examples of HDR Photography =-.

  2. KS Chen says:

    You have a great plan bbrian017! You really serious in blogging. I should learn from you. Blog commenting is the only effort that i do to increase my blogging value. I think i need to do much more things. Thanks for your sharing!
    .-= KS Chen´s last blog ..Win the Prizes for SEO =-.

  3. Ileane says:

    Hi Brian,

    I think we share a few of the same pitfalls, except for the comment replies. I try to respond to each blog comment within 3 -4 hours and I respond to each one individually. I see some bloggers responding to 3 and 4 people at a time but I think that the comments I receive are very valuable and I want people to know that. They say that a Google Page Rank update is in the works and maybe that will give you an idea if you’re headed in the right direction.

    BTW – I love the new theme you are using on this blog. Keller has done an awesome job with it.
    .-= Ileane´s last blog ..Guest Posting Contest – Will I Be A Winner? =-.

  4. Alison Moore Smith says:

    Great ideas, Brian. And your theme is, well, simply fresh. 🙂
    .-= Alison Moore Smith´s last blog ..10 Better Blogging Tips =-.

  5. Great blog post Brian. I should follow the steps you took and reevaluate my own website too. I love the blog engage writing challenges – they’re really helpful and they’re really challenging!

  6. Alison Moore Smith says:

    Great list of things to work on. The more I read the challenge articles, the more work I realized I need to do!
    .-= Alison Moore Smith´s last blog ..10 Better Blogging Tips =-.

  7. Melinda says:

    Great article. I didn’t know about and I am going to check that out.

    I think we bloggers do tend to get sidetracked when we find something “cool” and it takes an occasional re-evaluation of our time and efforts to stay on track.

  8. Webmaster support says:

    Great way to check yourself , the way your blog is moving forward.

    Thanks for post.
    .-= Webmaster support´s last blog ..? How is your experience in using wordpress. =-.

  9. Luqman says:

    Nice post Brian, I hope I can do the same on my blogs and website as well, but where is the time. I will simple copy from the ten points you mention above and see how I can implement it to be a best blogger as well.

  10. Dave says:

    Brian, Great Plan, How is it going so far? Its always good to take time to re-examine what we are doing to see if we are working in the most productive manner possible.
    Dave recently posted…Google PageRank (PR) Update Coming SoonMy Profile


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    Re examining your blogging values…

    I”m excited for this week writing challenge from blog engage. I’m going to examine my blogging activities and values to determine if I’m doing all of this to the best of my ability. Chances are I might find many things that need to be improved upon….

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