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Relaxing and chilling it’s Saturday and I’m most likely sleeping right now. Seeing I blog in advanced I’m actually pretty tired at the moment but again don’t worry as I will be sleeping when your read this. I added a few more features at blogengage I wanted to share and it’s really positive stuff so listen up. I’m also going to suggest a great promotional activity for our top members and top articles on the week.

Alright lets first discuss the major change to the blogengage front page. Yes I know it looks cluttered and perhaps better without the retweet images but guys and girls this is major promotion for us. I have over 1200 followers so if I retweet your submissions you could perhaps get a lot of web traffic.

I wanted to start a fun and social activity that would help our members promote their blogs using our circle of friends. What I’m calling this is Re Tweet the Top of the Week challenge. I’m already done and what it is simple. Go and visit blogengage and make sure your viewing the Top Engaged on the Week Take a minute and retweet all the top engaged articles on the week at blogengage.



I also added a nice feature that provides a screenshot of the website you’re considering visiting. Sometimes this can encourage readers to visit your blog on occasions they may have not before. I’m working on this as I’m blogging so if it’s still not working it’s because it’s rally late where I am but I will be finishing it up ASAP.


As always don’t forget to vote for me @ blogengage and if interested you can join my social group.

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