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One of the most difficult jobs I have as being the owner of Blog Engage is marketing my message to the correct audience. I know who my target market is but the biggest question is how to reach them.

Over the past two years I have been marketing and building our brand by using webmaster forums, blogs and social communities like mybloglog, blogcatalog and twitter.

Right now I feel as if my marketing opportunities within these websites and forums have been exhausted and the response has now become minimal and non existent.

So where do I start spending my time marketing and promoting? I have to look at the bigger picture now and try to bring our community to the next level and push towards a more viral marketing campaign.

I’m a big fan of Entrecard and marketing using their credit system. The only one issue I have is my landing page has to be my blog and it cannot me the blog engage home page. The result of this is many bloggers are leaving without knowing what blog engage actually is.

I’ve considered using Google Adwords but to be very honest I don’t think Google provides a high enough ROI and the cost is far to expensive and doesn’t provide enough value to me as a marketer.

So here I stand pondering what my options are regarding the marketing and promotion of our community. I have a few ideas and I will share them.

Paid Reviews: I’m going to start paying some of my blogging friends to write about blog engage on their blogs. I think the popular bloggers may bring some positive light into our direction.

Buy Sell Ads: I’m going to start reinvesting all the profits I make from Buy Sell Ads into marketing and promoting blog engage. I think if done right this program can give a high value and ROI for my money spent.

If you have any ideas and would like to share them with me please do leave a comment below. I’m always open for suggestions regarding marketing or promoting blog engage. To date I’ve done all marketing myself and it’s only cost my time. It’s obvious I have to move on to the next stage but where I will spend my time and energy is still up in the air.

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Memberships, RSS, Blog Engage

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  1. Ashlie says:

    I also think that Blog Engage is a good way to get your blog better known. I read articles from Blog Engage every week for ideas and strategies. I also used to just do marketing for my website like you mentioned at the beginning of your article, forums, other blogs, and social communities. Then I made the move to using Blog Engage and other ways (which cost a little) and found it very useful for increasing traffic to my website which is the end goal of all of us.

    • bbrian017 says:

      Hi there Ashlie, I’m happy to see your taking advantage of the blog engage community. I think it offers a lot of great marketing tools along with inspiration to find new content to write about. It’s definitely a great community to get your creative juices flowing…

      • alex says:

        Hi Brian.

        I wanted to second that. I have been working in SEO for a while now, but there are always new things to learn – SEO is constantly moving and changing and sites like yours are what help me keep up with the curve.
        alex recently posted…seo leicesterMy Profile

  2. Andy says:

    Paid reviews always seems sort of unethical to me. But hey, if it works for you!
    Andy recently posted…Is Social Bookmarking Still Relevant for SEOMy Profile

    • Rohit Sane says:

      Hey Andy, If paid reviews done in proper spirit by reviewing the product or service properly then they are good.. But some people only tend to show the positive side of the product which is really not what is expected!!
      Rohit Sane recently posted…Best Free VPN ServicesMy Profile

    • Alison Moore Smith says:

      I have done lots of paid reviews. The ethical key, I think, is that your pay is NOT dependent on the positive or negative aspects of the review. As long as I can give my true impression, I have no problem with it. In my opinion, most paid reviews are really about linking anyway. I’ve never had someone balk when I give my true opinion as long as the post criteria is met — which is generally keyword linking.
      Alison Moore Smith recently posted…Moving DayMy Profile

  3. Alison Moore Smith says:

    Brian, BlogEngage seems, as I’ve said before, very blogging-about-blogging centric. Maybe that really *is* your market, but if it’s not, I think it would help to cater to other niches somehow.

    If you look at the published blogs, almost every one on the front page now is blog- or at least tech-related. It’s really hard to get anything else bumped to the front page. As you know, I have voted more than anyone on BE, but that doesn’t translate to reciprocation.

    Anyway, making BE more friendly for non-blogging blogs and incentivizing people to vote would be my two suggestions.
    Alison Moore Smith recently posted…Changing Navigation Tab Names in ThesisMy Profile

    • Brankica says:

      This is something I have been thinking about lately. Blogging-about-blogging is a great “niche” and Blog Engage is doing a great job but I think Brian should start introducing new categories.
      Not open BE for everything all at once but:
      Bloggers all know each other and everything is staying in a closed circle (kinda).
      Bloggers know how important it is to comment on other blogs.
      But here is something I see as an owner of a niche site. My niche are pets. For example, when I go to another pet site, I often don’t get my comment published.
      I am sure it is not the comment itself, if I am good enough to get my comment published on or why wouldn’t a no-backlinks-no-pagerank pet blog post my comment.
      They don’t understand the concept bloggers do. You need to help and be helped, comment and receive comments.
      All niche blogs see is a competitor comment.
      I am speaking in general, but of course there are other good examples.
      So people from other niches need to “be educated” how to get out there – let people comment and comment yourself, it builds community.
      Sorry for the long post, but the bottom line is – people outside of blogging-about-blogging don’t know much about these strategies and they need something like Blog Engage.
      I would add a new category every month or every three months and grow it gradually while expanding it.
      Brankica recently posted…Site Build It! review – How to build business with the right toolsMy Profile

    • Brian Rogel says:

      I agree. I love this industry, but sometimes I feel like it has become completely over saturated with people simply blogging about blogging. I think it would expand your reach if other niche industries didn’t feel like their efforts were in vein once they had an article submitted.
      Brian Rogel recently posted…Social Media &amp SEO Trends in 2011My Profile

  4. The tough thing for any online venture is saturation. There are hundreds if not thousands of blog directories, forums, etc…what makes yours different? What will the person benefit from if they join yours? With the millions and millions of websites on the Internet, most if not 95% never get found or viewed by a number of people worth keeping it going. I’ve been there and done that.

    That’s the misnomer most people have when they get online. They’ve been duped by the so-called IM guru’s promising 10K a month with no effort. People are being mislead as to how difficult it is to make money online.

    The days are gone where you can launch a FREE blog, paste adsense on it and get rich. The online business model is pretty simple. More eyeballs means more money (advertisers, adsense, etc.). Getting more eyeballs is the hard part. Launching a new blog or site is the easy part, and that is why people launch these every day of the week.

    Going forward, you have to differentiate yourself by what you bring to the table with your site. What makes you different and better? Why should people become a member of yours and not the next one out there?

    Answer these questions, and you’re on your way to more positive movement (but still no guarantees).

    Just trying to “keep it real”.

    Mike Pedersen recently posted…What’s Your Brand Say About Your BusinessMy Profile

  5. Reaching the right audience is sure a very big challenge. Even social media sites like twitter and facebook is being used to reach out. Have you tried search engine optimization?… Joining groups that has similar interest with you is a good step to start on venturing.
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  6. Carl says:

    You could also try uploading your writings to social networks such as digg and reddit. If you’re writing content that people will want to read, this can be a big source of traffic for you.
    Carl recently posted…The Right Way to Lend Money to Friends and FamilyMy Profile

  7. Zeeshan says:

    Thanks for the tips. Blog engage is good for exposure.

  8. nisa sanjaya says:

    It’s so good to see I am not alone in my thinking. great post. thanks
    nisa sanjaya recently posted…Sports match of the morningMy Profile

  9. green coffee says:

    Just want to say good luck on your campaign. It’s difficult to get more traffic once the market is saturated but it’s always a good challenge. The ads are a good idea, I would go with that. 🙂

  10. Alex says:

    I think Blog Engage is one of the best community out there for bloggers. I think you should leverage more of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to gain more market exposure

  11. Walter says:

    BlogEngage, from the word itself means blog engaging. Being a member I see a lack. Why not make a forum? I sure this would engage bloggers and make it viral.

    I hope you’ll find this helpful. 🙂

  12. TrafficColeman says:

    Well one of the best form of traffic and reaching an bigger audience is the search engine..I will say so out and get ranked for something targeted and gaining more of an community..

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  13. PressByte says:

    Hi’ iam a new blogger. Just wondering what if we pay other bloggers to blog about us, doesn’t it considered legit to google? thanks
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  14. Engage My Market says:

    Great words! A solid web presence offering something of value that grabs my attention quickly is a great way to engage one’s target audience. Love the site btw, keep up the great work!

    -Aaron Blevins
    President & CEO
    Market Engagement Solutions, LLC
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  15. Nice tips anf Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Blogger Templates recently posted…TechnologyMy Profile

  16. Nishadha says:

    Without a doubt you should go for paid reviews. Your service is about generating back links for a small fee and there are hundreds who are interested in such a service. When going for paid reviews don’t go for third party services that offers your reviews for a small amount. They usually only gives you back links which you can get anyway through other means. Go for blogs that has high readership and you are more likely to get good results.
    Nishadha recently posted…Local SEO – 5 Tips to Tackle Negative ReviewsMy Profile


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