Self Motivational Tips and Techniques… OMG it’s Monday!

I know it’s Tuesday!

Sometimes when your career consists of repetitive tasks or responsibilities it’s hard to stay focused on the importance of your job and most importantly it’s hard to stay motivated! With the American economy falling to pieces we all find ourselves wondering when we will see the lay off papers. In today’s market self motivation doesn’t come easy and as the days go by your job may continue to seem more and more depressing. Especially if your in sales and marketing.

Sales and Marketing is normally a decent job but as mentioned the American economy is in the tubes and from this we see less sales and less marketing strategies working as they should. Getting the sale isn’t as easy as before and new leads are far in few in between. Today I thought I would put together a nice list of some thing’s I do to help myself stay motivated during these hard economic times.

1. Don’t think it’s your product or service it’s the whole sector things are simply down so take advantage of all possible sales leads even if the sale decreases your overall profit!

2. When doing your sales calls try to remain positive! I’m sure many companies have a need for your service but again with the market in its current state most companies can’t buy into your idea right now. Try to get dates on when you should call back and also try to send literature or information about your products to the prospect.

3. Remember you’re not the only one experiencing these issues so be understanding to companies that can’t necessarily afford your product right now! Build relationships with these people because someday they will need your product or service.

4. Everyday when I wake up I set goals for my self and I ensure they are realistic. I’m not setting goals for sales but rather sales calls! I want to try and reach the most people I possibly can in the period of slowdown. The reasoning I do this is because I know somewhere someone is looking for our product and service. Ensuring I reach a specific amount of calls a day will help my chances of calling on that company whom is in the market.

Sales and marketing isn’t as fun as most people think. The job can get extremely depressing and from this your whole life can become affected! Try to pace yourself, set personal goals and when you accomplish these goals you will find you are becoming closer to being self motivated!

Sometimes things simply don’t work out the way we expected in life. We lose a job, or we didn’t get that awesome raise but we should remember! There’s a reason these things didn’t work out the way we expected and only we can change this. Work hard, set goals and don’t give up! If you don’t have the motivation to continue these practices maybe it’s time to look for a new career, a career in which you can practice these Self Motivational Tips. If you don’t want to practice these tips it’s a good chance you really don’t like your current job!
Best if luck to all my Sales and Marketing friends and remember try to stay motivated!



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