SEO and Targeting Keywords to Increase Organic Traffic

When writing articles on your blog try to hyperlink to other articles on your blog that are related to the topic at hand! Ensure the hyper links have Targeted Keywords to those specific articles as well. For example this topic today I will link to a few articles you might also find interesting to read but most importantly they are related to the articles topic. SEO isn’t an easy task and for most webmasters getting ranked in Google is very hard.

Google wants unique content and keyword specific articles. Linking to these articles overtime will also help increase your Page Rank and SERP. (Search Engine Ranking Position) Sometimes you can hyper link to much so make sure you stay targeted to your topic and only link to articles that are relevant.

Organic Traffic is always something every true bloggers looks for seeing it’s the easiest way to make money from our ads! My template isn’t the greatest for making money online but I still want to get that organic traffic as much as possible!

Creating and generating organic traffic from other search engine such as yahoo and msn are still a mystery to me seeing I have only been experimenting with Google! Over the next month or so I will try to start writing some topics regarding other major search engines and not simply Google. As I write these articles I will be learning with you as we lead to the end of the experiment.

To show a great example of targeting keyword with hyper links I will use the following Google Search term.

“Google Search Term”

From this search term you can see from hyper linking my first article in my second article, Unique Content Increases SEO and Organic Website Traffic, allowed me to become quickly cached with Google regarding my first article, Creating Unique Content on Social Networking Websites.

The coolest thing about these articles is they are also available in Google right now with unique keywords and descriptions from my favorite social networking website such as blog engage.

Overall the lesson I’m trying to express today is when hyper linking article ensure they are targeted with similar keywords and are in fact relevant to the topic your writing! Google loves when you follow the rules and will cache you so fast it’s not even funny! Google can be a powerful tool but try to keep your ideals basic as the more advanced you get the more chances it’s liable to not work.

Post your comments or ideals! Want me to try something different let me know!



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