My SEO Experiment, Increase Organic Blog Traffic

haha wow… it’s hard to be a blogger, to be frank I’m still on the border line when it comes to my personal blogging career. I don’t know what direction I’m going or simply what blog to blog at. SeoMkt is my only active blog these days. I just don’t have the time to blog and I’m lacking ideas too. So I pretty much dedicated myself to something I find interesting and that’s Marketing! Search Engine Optimization just seems to be part of it.

My SEO experiment is going well which is oddly boring. If you read any of my SEO articles you will know it’s been working very well! I’m indexed for the majority of terms I wanted such as, increase organic traffic, increase blog traffic, generating organic traffic and organic traffic.

Check it!

increase organic traffic



increase blog traffic



generate organic traffic



organic traffic



So overall this was an excellent tutorial regarding SEO and how to increase everyone blog or website traffic. All you have to do is maintain the most basic of steps in order to see some results! Unique Content, Targeted Keywords, Consistency and Page Relevancy are the most important factors you need to remember and apply to all articles.

I went and looked at all the article I did regarding my SEO Experiment and have added them all to this article hoping to bring the work together in a more structured order for any of my readers that didn’t get to follow from the start.

My SEO Experiment

Creating Unique Content – This article discusses the importance of creating Unique Content! Understanding how Search Engine work is the first step to SEO.

Creating Unique Content on Social Networking Websites – This article explains how you can take advantage of social networking websites and indirectly increase your blog traffic.

Targeting and Marketing Specific and Unique Keywords – The importance of using keywords is something every bloggers shouldn’t forget. If you don’t mark your articles with proper key wording you risk of getting poor, non targeted blog traffic.

Targeting Keywords to increase Organic Traffic – A more advanced version of the previous article regarding keywords and how it affects the quality of you traffic and could potentially reduce your bounce rate dramatically.

Anyone have any questions? Don’t be shy feel free to say a hello and make a comment. Ask anything you wish about the article or the SEO experiment process.

Best of luck to all bloggers sand thanks for stopping by


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  1. Mitch says:

    That’s very good stuff, Brian. Let me warn you, though, that sometimes blog posts get a lot of early bounce and juice, then start to trickle away unless it gets a bunch of visitors. Sire has shown me times where a post made only a day earlier has popped into the top 5 for specific search terms, which is phenomenal, but soon has others passing it by. Still, good SEO never goes away.

    Mitchs last blog post..Widget Bucks Has A New Widget

  2. Sire says:

    Hey Brian, as if I didn’t have enough work to do, now you come up with all these articles to read. Man, it’s almost like being back at school and the teachers giving you all these assignments. Just don’t expect me to bring you an apple 😉

    Sires last blog post..Commentators, How Do I Reward Thee? Let Me Count The Ways

  3. Make money says:

    Those are nice SERPs
    Best wishes 🙂


  4. Sire says:

    Say Brian, sorry this is off topic, but can you direct me to wherever I have to go to change the button that appears on my posts. I would much prefer the one on this post than the one that is being currently displayed on WassupBlog

  5. bbrian017 says:

    As you know Sire I have started a thread in the forums regarding this!

    Thanks for adding the image 🙂

    bbrian017s last blog post..Meteorite Hitting Earth, is this how our planet will end

  6. Zak Show says:

    That’s impressing, keep up the good work.

  7. zzBlogger says:

    nice website and guide. thank you very much

    zzBloggers last blog post..Guild Wars Used Account For Sell

  8. underbNurge says:

    Very good site, pleased me

  9. Very good search results. You have my attention. I’m going to keep reading. 🙂

    SEO Tips Blogs last blog post..5 Free SEO Tools You’re Probably Not Using Yet

  10. Michael Henry says:

    So far the my only keyword goal was to get my name in the top rankings. Most tutorials I’ve read deal with the traditional search, have you tried getting to the top results under the image searches?

    Michael Henrys last blog post..Where I’m at: Free Flu Shot Clinic

  11. Hey Brian
    I’ve recently written an article about a problem revolving around the top commentators plugin and I noticed that you have that problem too. Here is the url about how to fix it. I hope it might help you.


    Julius Kuhn-Regniers last blog post..How to Make Articles More Memorable

  12. gorge says:

    That’s very good stuff

  13. bbrian017 says:

    The keywords are really starting to place well in Google!

    I’m very impressed with the results of this experiment!

    bbrian017s last blog post..My Blog Consult

  14. Minneapolis Limousine says:

    Really a good write up I am really fighting it hard to keep up my organic traffic. So I am doing it all to build my organic traffic as that is the goldmine.


  1. Link Love No.19-Blog Traffic, Monetization, Guest Post, SEO says:

    […] Here is a quick tutorial regarding SEO explaining how you can increase your blog’s organic traffic. In a nutshell it focuses on Unique Content, Targeted Keywords, Consistency and Page Relevancy. Be sure to read up how this is done in SEOMktg’s My SEO Experiment, Increase Organic Blog Traffic. […]

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