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Over the past few weeks I have been writing articles including very targeted and specific keywords. The main goal in this organic traffic experiment is to generate a nice solid organic traffic flow from Google to my blog. The keywords I’m focusing on in general are as follows, organic traffic, blog traffic, increase organic traffic, and targeting keywords. In general this would be the ideal results from the experiment but seeing Google is so unpredictable the results will vary.

I can say the experiment officially started on September 24th 2009. The goal from that specific article was to see if using unique content for a topic title and description at social networks would improve my SERP in Google. To this I can say safely I don’t have enough evidence to prove this to be true! But on the flip side I have some extremely good news regarding my targeted keywords and their current SERP over a 2 week period.

First I would like to get you caught up to date on how I got to where I am right now in my experiment. It’s a good idea to read the articles I’m linking you to fully understand the steps I took in order to achieve these organic search results.

Creating Unique Content
Creating Unique Content on Social Networking Websites
Targeting and Marketing Specific and Unique Keywords
Targeting Keywords to increase Organic Traffic

After reading those articles you will be caught up to where I am regarding the experiment. The general ideal is to continue writing articles regarding these topics to eventually make the information relevant to my blog! The more I write about the topics and keywords the more Google will index me seeing the topics will eventually become relevant to my blog.

When I got into the office this morning and searched my keywords and was extremely impressed with the results! I’m not even talking about the general searches I did with the other topic but one or two keyword Google searches. As an example let’s look at a typical Google search such as Organic Traffic, Targeted Keywords, Increase Organic Traffic.

google organic traffic search

Google organic traffic search

As you can see from the above link seomkt has been placed first on the third page and not far behind it was my social networking submission at blog engage sitting on the fifth page. Some might say wow what’s the big deal you’re on the third page but you have to understand getting indexed for Organic Traffic keywords’ isn’t the easiest thing to do. When I took the time to search Increase Organic Traffic I honestly was all over the place! Three links on the first 2 pages are linking back to my blog and another is linking to blog engage where I submitted the article using the unique content for topic title and description rule.

As the days pass by the ranking can only get better! Man will I be laughing when I’m showing in the top 3 results! I bet it will happen! I’m almost willing to bet money I will get there! I don’t care if it’s using blog engage or seomkt but some how someway I’m getting to that front page on Google if it takes years!

So how did I get indexed so fast with Google?

1. Take advantage of Google webmaster tools
2. Increase or adjust to rate in which Google bot indexes your blog.
3. Generate unique keywords and topic titles for your blog articles
4. Generate unique content titles and descriptions when submitting to social networks. NEVER use the same title or description.
5. Create similar articles with relevant information pertaining to the targeted keywords.

I just did another quick search to see where I’m landing in Google for the search terms Targeting Keywords and wow I’m extremely impressed but I landed on the first page! Sure I’m near the bottom under some really great SEO forums but I’m still impressed with the results! This just goes to show if I can get indexed in the Top 10 from Google so can you! Follow the steps I outlined in all the articles and you should be fine! Continue to write and remain consistent in your article topics because this is what makes Google love you. they don’t index sports blogs writing about SEO go t it?

Do you have any tips for our readers on how to get indexed with specific keywords using Google? What do you think about my results to date? Do you think I will be on the first page in no time or do you think I’m out of luck? So far I seem to be doing pretty good right?

Well I hope to hear from you all and we’ll see you my next article!


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