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Many of you may have just started following my blog. I posted some pretty cool articles in the past regarding SEO and Creating Organic Traffic from using Unique Content and Target Keywords. I started targeting Specific Keywords to see how well I could rank with them over time using specific strategies. I know most of you are thinking who cares about SEO but I must confess the idea of cracking the algorithm really pings my brain. Also free traffic the converts with Google works for me! Go Google!

I can say the experiment officially started on September 24th 2008. I wasn’t necessarily targeting any specific keywords rather then simply trying to rank well for the topic titles. I uses keywords within the title and firs paragraph of all my topics.


My SEO Experiment

Creating Unique Content – This article discusses the importance of creating Unique Content! Understanding how Search Engine work is the first step to SEO.

Creating Unique Content on Social Networking Websites – This article explains how you can take advantage of social networking websites and indirectly increase your blog traffic.

Targeting and Marketing Specific and Unique Keywords – The importance of using keywords is something every bloggers shouldn’t forget. If you don’t mark your articles with proper key wording you risk of getting poor, non targeted blog traffic.

Targeting Keywords to increase Organic Traffic – A more advanced version of the previous article regarding keywords and how it affects the quality of you traffic and could potentially reduce your bounce rate dramatically.


So how do think it worked out?

Could I have worked a littler harder on building targets back links to gain the top spot?

Would you be happy with the results you see here?

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