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When first starting your blog there’s a few things you should consider doing in order to generate the most interest from your readers. In my case the majority of my readers will be bloggers so I want to set up my blog to benefit them the most from commenting and interacting with me on my blog.

The first thing I did was created a full Do Follow environment for my readers. I allowed the comment love to pass the page rank juice and the top cementers as well. After completing these changes I noticed an increase in comments.

One thing I never noticed until yesterday is my links left in comments was No Follow. This was upsetting to me seeing I assumed they would be do follow. I quickly went to my favorite web master forums and asked what I could do in order to make the comment link do follow on my blog.

I was told I could create a dofollow.php file using the following code and activate it inside my wordprss plug-in area. I also shared this over at my blog forum if you’re interested.

Why will this help my blog?

All bloggers are looking for way to increase their SERP and or promote their blog. By adding the plug-ins mentioned you are offering the readers incentives to comment on your blog. The plug-in allows your readers to have more opportunity to get traffic that isn’t only based of commenting.

Does this strategy work?

Not always. Some bloggers could care less. They have other blogs they comment at and don’t have time for yours. Also if you have little or no web traffic the plug-ins mean nothing when there’s no one to click on them.

Do you pass the Page Rank juice on your Blog?

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