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I recently tried a new way (for me) to generate traffic and it worked really well but I must warn it’s a little time consuming. I’m not too sure about long term as I’m still in the the middle of practicing this technique.

If you’re going to do this you should probably have ‘some” spare time on your hands.

Medium: Blogs
Objective: Post quality comments on Blogs in which allow you to leave a url.
End Result: Increase in traffic generated from marketing activities

I’m very serious when I say this. Sure forums have their benefits and you can measure large numbers of traffic in a short periods of time. But when leaving Blog comments you get traffic over a longer period of time. (This is just what I noticed plus I’m far from a statistician) I’m still in the beginning of my experiment but to date it’s proven true.

At a specific website I own I received an average of 200 hits per day over the last 15 days. I can see that specific domain names are giving me a large % of all traffic generated. But if I look closely the sites in which I blogged and commented at are slowing gaining % but it’s taking longer for these blog domains to catch up. Even if forums will always generate more traffic, blog comments are always a good maintain your numbers. (YTD) or (Quarterly)

Even if this doesn’t work out, which it probably won’t considering I would have to post comments @ 50 ++ blogs to equal DP traffic, I’m still none the less generating more traffic for myself by doing both.

More traffic equals a better community and income if that’s your deal.


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Memberships, RSS, Blog Engage

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