So I deleted my Blog Catalog Blog Submissions

Look… I love Blog Catalog but to be frank it’s out ranking me in the major search engines with my articles with my keywords. For the past 6 months I’ve been sucking it up and enjoying the referrals but that’s enough for me. I went and removed all my blogs and their rss feeds from the blog catalog community.

Have a look at this search Image. Click here for search,


This is the cached page screenshot of blog catalog…


Some would say he what the heck it’s a back links anyways and a strong one too. Perhaps you’re correct and maybe my rankings will totally drop without that back link but it’s a rick I’m willing to take. This is from one search result. I was replying to a comment and when I clicked the search term I see this disgusting result.

I’m  keeping my groups and profile but that’s it.

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