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As you socialize you increase brand awareness and as your brand awareness increases so does your blog traffic. Deciding where to spend your time socializing in today’s market requires great thought as this will be where your blog traffic is originated from. Blog Communities offer unique features and functionality to gain your interest hoping someday you will take the time and invest your marketing efforts on their website of blog.

At blogengage we like to offer our members unique ways to meet their needs. The main goal is to help increase your traffic and blog awareness. We have such unique opportunities and I find them to be most appropriate for all types of bloggers no matter the niche.

I’m always promoting blogengage and if you follow me you know this is a fact. The community grows daily because I’m always mentioning it somewhere inviting bloggers to join and submit their articles. Lets take a moment and see how you can get involved within the community to help build your blog awareness and blog traffic.

The Blog Engage main social site offers bloggers a unique opportunity to do two things. Firstly we offer you the opportunity to submit every article you write helping your blog build quality back links and traffic form other bloggers, secondly we offer a unique opportunity to target and comment on blogs within your niche. As all bloggers know the best way to increase your blog traffic is by blog commenting.

Blog Engage has thousands of members  submitting their content weekly so you will always have fresh and new articles to choose from. You don’t have to spend hours looking for blogs within your niche anymore. Blog Engage offers a solution to the majority of your marketing and advertising needs. This is for the typical and even advanced bloggers.

As we move on and look towards the Blog Forum we see even more potential and opportunity for marketing and branding. We have so many ways to promote your blog using the Blog forum. Let’s take a moment and see if any of the following topics would be of interest to you.

Active forum topics

1. What is your website worth?

2. Blog Roll link Exchange

3. Comment Exchange Request

4. On Page Optimization

5. Join our Link Love page

6. Blog Comment Discussions

7. What is better for SEO hyphens or underscores

8. Find out who’s not following you on Twitter

9. Google Analytic Discussions

10. What’s your bounce rate like?

The coolest thing about the forums is if you don’t like any of these topics we have tons more to choose from. I’m always adding interesting topics to have intelligent discussions about so make sure you stop by and introduce yourself.

Perhaps you don’t think Blog Engage makes the cut for your high quality style of blogging. Well think again not only do we have beginner and intermediate bloggers we also have a fair sized collection of pro bloggers as well. Take a look at our Top Bloggers list and you might be surprised many of your blogging friends are already members.

Well that’s it for me today. I hope to see my readers starting to visit and interact a bit more at blogengage. Please take the time to vote for other bloggers as you submit as well. I imagine they would appreciate it and perhaps even add you as a friend.

As always don’t forget to vote for me @ blogengage and if interested you can join my social group.

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