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Around a year ago I started a social networking website specifically for bloggers based off the infamous website. The concept is the same you submit your written articles for review from other members and when you gain sufficient amount of votes you’re published to the main page!  If you don’t receive the specified amount of votes your article remains on the upcoming blog page.

I know how most bloggers feel when they submit to large social networking websites and that’s a feeling of being lost! The feeling like everyone skipped over your article or they didn’t like it. Well most the time this isn’t the case. What happens is so many non blog related articles are also being submitted. These non blog articles move your submission off the page very fast! This was my main issue with digg, reddit, and the other networks with the same concept.

Blog Engage allows you the opportunity to submit you content in a blog only environment with bloggers that are like you and me. Unlike the major social networks we encourage the submission of your own written content and on a daily basis too! We invite all bloggers to submit their own and each others blog articles!

I have created a few ways you can promote yourself using blog engage. I created the Blog Engage Profile Badge and Images page which allows you to add images linking to your profile, Images that will allow your reader to submit content and images that link back to blog engage.

Do you currently use blog engage as a social networking community? Let me know what you think and what can be improved!

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