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I wanted to take a moment and invite all my blogging friends to join my social activities over at blogengage. Not only have  I created a social group to submit your articles too I have added many cool and unique features to help you socially engage with other bloggers in a matter of minutes. The one thing you have to understand is posers are not welcomed! We’re looking for people that are going to Digg, Mixx, Buzz, Engage and Stumble without question.

Blog Engage Social Sharing

Blogengage makes it’s easy for you to socially share with other bloggers and it’s at the convenience of once direct place. See the image below as I circled the share this button.


After selecting the button the following links will be made available. From you you will open any social network within a new window maximizing your productivity and minimizing your time spent.


It doesn’t take much to help our members out and don’t forget guys and girls were all bloggers which means your doing something great for the cause of blogging.

Pay Close Attention

Add other bloggers to


Are you going to start socially engaging with bloggers at blogengage?

If you submit your article I’m sure to socially engage them so what are you waiting for?

As always don’t forget to vote for me @ blogengage and if interested you can join my social group.



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