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I’m not too sure about the majority of my readers but spam seems to be the biggest issue as a website owner. Finding ways to stop or at least avoid this spam is a full time job. When your website starts getting popular and receives a certain amount of traffic spam starts becoming an issue. I find myself getting more spam comment than actual real comments from my readers.

Besides the traditional wordpress plug-ins there’s not to much to stop spam. Well today it’s different, today I have created and officially launched a website designed specifically for spammers. They can submit their content and as always it’s published to the front page based on its popularity.

Remember before you judge you should know the following,

One mans garbage is another mans treasure

The plumber once said your shit is my bread butter

The point is even though the majority of us bloggers think spam is pointless and a waste of time many people actually benefit from the spam process. You know it’s like finding that needle in the hay stack.

I’m assuming by now you’re wondering what the hell this website is? Well upspam is a spam community that allows spammers to freely spam the website with their content. The only thing I decided to not allow is porn spam due to many reasons but the most important is organic traffic from Google. If Google see’s porn my site will be blocked!

I’m betting your thinking spammers will never go for this and will most likely resent it but hey I’m already getting organic traffic from the spam submissions previously submitted.

So if a spammer takes the time to submit their content might just get some decent Google traffic. Getting organic traffic from spam has to be pretty beneficial. I’m not a spammer but even as a bloggers this sounds good.

So I welcome all spammers to join the upspam community and encourage the submission of all your spam articles. Look out soon we will be launching the up spam community forums over this weekend which will be dedicated to spammers and information regarding professional spamming.

If you’re interested in helping me promote the idea to reduce your spam you can add the link to your footer, header or blog roll at your blog website. I’m hoping this will eventually gain the respect of spammers and in the end reduce your total amount of spam received.

Free Spam Submissions

Here’s the code if you wish to add the link to your blog or website!

<br />Spammers please take a moment to visit a website I created for you. It’s similar to blog engage but allows and promotes the idea of Spam <a href=”” title=”Free Spam Submissions” target=”_blank”>Free Spam Submissions</a><br />


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