Simple way to generate simple blog traffic

I recently tried a new way (for me) to generate traffic and it worked really well but I must warn it’s a little time consuming. I’m not too sure about long term as I’m still in the the middle of practicing this technique. If you’re going Continue Reading →

Google Webmaster Tools = SEO Update

So if you have been following my blogs you would have noticed I recently signed up for Google Webmaster Tools and added most of my websites to their services. Today I will be looking at what has happened so far to date and how it’s benefiting me to do this Continue Reading →

So I deleted my Blog Catalog Blog Submissions

Look… I love Blog Catalog but to be frank it’s out ranking me in the major search engines with my articles with my keywords. For the past 6 months I’ve been sucking it up and enjoying the referrals but that’s enough for me. I went and removed all my Continue Reading →

Targeting and Marketing to Specific and Unique Keywords will Increase your Organic Google Traffic

When writing articles on your blog be sure to create back links using targeted keywords. This will help Increase your Organic Traffic from Google and target specific keywords much easier. So today when I write this article I’m going to select specific Keywords Continue Reading →