Reaching my target market for blog engage

One of the most difficult jobs I have as being the owner of Blog Engage is marketing my message to the correct audience. I know who my target market is but the biggest question is how to reach them. Over the past two years I have been marketing and building Continue Reading →

How to reach out to new blog readers

Getting your message out to a new audience can be very difficult. In most large scale situations it can cost a large sum of money per year. If your like me you have a smaller operation and need to find resources that are free. Thankfully my social network Blog Continue Reading →

The sad truth about bloggers and blogging

I know I speak the truth in this article when it comes to blogging. The sad reality is many bloggers don’t care about your blog. They skim your content and try to post the most constructive and accurate comment they can without reading the entire article. Please Continue Reading →

Two Years Later and the Doors Close

After two great years of open and public registration I have finally made the decision to close our doors and make Blog Engage a private invitation only website. This decision is due to the high volume of poor quality blogs, spam submissions and comments. Overall Continue Reading →

Create a buzz and increase the traffic to your blog

I’m spreading the word about the new activities on blogengage today. I have so much going on in the community I would seriously be surprised if you wanted to miss out on this article. Blog engage is offering it’s members a once in a life time opportunity Continue Reading →