1000 Daily Credits From Retweet Bird

Are you looking for more Retweets? Let’s face it, we are all looking to increase our Twitter followers and we all want to get more retweets. If we increase our retweets we increase our reach and in return increase the blog traffic back to our sites. For Continue Reading →

Empowering your blog with twitter

Understanding how to make contact with your friends online can be very tricky. Trying not to offend others while marketing can be what seems to be an impossible mission. I have tons of friends I’ve meet online but many of them don’t even know I blog Continue Reading →

Marketing and promoting with Twitter

Similar to marketing in any other environment twitter offers a unique opportunity to increase your brand awareness and overall blog traffic. When marketing with twitter you have to remember this is direct messages to the end consumer or your potential prospect. I’ve Continue Reading →

What to blog about?

Do you ever have those days where it’s like… wow what should I blog about today? This is the exact type of day I’m having. Perhaps it’s this whole long weekend 3 days off thing that messes me up but I found myself actually starting to write Continue Reading →