Take a break from those cold calls

Over the past week I’ve been re thinking my strategy on Cold Call Sales Calls. Lets face it nothing works as well as a cold call when trying to sell a product but it doesn’t always work for everyone and definitely not all the time.

Sometimes a person or company is simply to busy to take your calls and you will find yourself always heading to the voicemail. After leaving a few messages you start to get annoying and perhaps you could potentially lose your prospect from these repetitive activities.

Determine what your prospects needs are.

Before sending out information via postal mail to your prospects ensure you know what their needs are. You might have several products you can pitch to them but always ensure you know what they want.

Gather the correct data and contact information.

There’s nothing worse than addressing information to the incorrect party inside a company. Make sure you know who the proper contact is and always ensure you spell their name correctly.

Use a color printer and say less

Always print your specs in full color. This allows the prospects see the true beauty of your products. Ensure when you send the information you say as little as possible. Pictures can say more than one thousand words but one thousand read words is too much to read.

Why can’t I call my prospects anymore?

You can call them. What I’m referring to here is prospect you’ve been calling everyday for the past few months. Take a break from those leads and mail them something hard to hold in their hand.

When should I call them back?

Let’s say three weeks after you send the information. This allows the prospect time to receive, review and prepare for your call. Don’t rush your call trust me the majority of the time if they aren’t talking to you they aren’t talking to anyone.

I hope this help bring activity to some of your lost leads. Remember never give up there’s always a way to reach your prospects. Simple but to the point!

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