Targeting and Marketing to Specific and Unique Keywords will Increase your Organic Google Traffic

When writing articles on your blog be sure to create back links using targeted keywords. This will help Increase your Organic Traffic from Google and target specific keywords much easier. So today when I write this article I’m going to select specific Keywords to hyperlink to relevant topics regarding these discussions. This is all in test and theory for me and is a new experiment I’m working on. The general idea to get targeted traffic is to develop an understanding of how Google reads our blogs posts and what they look for while doing so.

As most my readers know I started an experiment a few days ago to see if I could potentially increase my Google Traffic by targeting Keyword while using unique content and descriptions for my article when submitting to other social networking media. First to let you know I’m using a social networking site I developed and launched that was specifically design for bloggers named blog engage. I would submit my written content to that website using unique content title and description so Google indexed the information twice without classifying it as duplicate content.

It’s been 48 hours now let’s see where I sit in Google’s index using the title and keywords. First let’s make a Google search for the following terms.

Increase organic traffic flow

Organic traffic from social networking

does unique content increase Google traffic

From doing the searches above I was able to link back to my website on many occasions. There’s one that specifically got my attention and it was the last search asking “does unique content increase my Google traffic” The results in that search query was outstanding! 5 of the 10 available links will eventually be sending readers to my seomkt blog. First I have my own blog article landing in the first 2 spots and blog engage isn’t far behind. The forth is and again I used unique topic titles and content when submitting.

With this post I’m trying to move toward adding Google in the topic and seeing if I can get indexed using that keyword. This will be very hard seeing thousands of people might be trying to do the same especially webmasters.

You can follow the steps I have been taking by reading the following articles.

First read Unique Content Increases SEO and Organic Website Traffic

and then followup by reading Part 2, Creating Unique Content on Social Networking Websites

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