The Blog Engage Weekly Challenge Uncommon Ways To Monetize Your Blog

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This weeks Blog Engage challenge is all about uncommon ways to monetize your blog. The important thing to remember is the challenge requires you to think out side of the box and come up with ways others may not have thought of to generate a revenue from their blog.

I’ll be the first to admit this is not easy and will require some thinking on my part. From the post rules we can’t use the traditional methods such as Google Adsense, Kontera or 125 ad sales for your sidebar.

To provide value to my readers and perhaps search engine visits in the future I’m going to list many methods as opposed to simply one or two. Some you may be familiar with and hopefully others will be new and will help you make money in non traditional methods.

1. Spotlight other Bloggers

Assuming your blog has a high volume of traffic you can spotlight bloggers on your blog for a fee. This is a great way to build on relationships with other blogger while at the same time generating extra income. I strongly suggest only spotlighting bloggers that are in your niche and woudl be an interest to your readers. Simply visit the bloggers blog, use the contact form and pitch the idea of a spotlight for a fee averaging from 5 usd to 11 usd per spotlight.

2. Offer Blogging Services

Offer your own services to your readers. You can write for them, or let them write on your blog for a fee. Traditionally you would let them write for free but if your blog is popular and there is a demand you can simply charge them per post.

3. Offer WordPress Installation Services

Personally I have tons of experience and if I wanted I could offer my expertise with installing, managing and hosting my readers word press sites. I could charge a fee for our services such as SEO, installation and more. Sometimes we take what we know for granted when there’s tons of people out there’s till wondering who they can start blogging.

I’ll be honest this was a very difficult challenge. I hope some of my ideas work out for you and help generate more income on your blogs.

If your looking for some more traditional ways to monetize your blog make sure to check out this amazing article I found 28 Ways to Make Money with Your Website.


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