The difference between failure and success!

Today I will discuss with you ways in which you can increase your success rate when launching a new Website, Product or Service! This post will be the simple basics and will start your in the right direction to have success and prosper from your projects.

Understanding your customer!

This is the first step you have to take to ensure your can establish the proper marketing techniques and approaches. Ensure what you’re offering is needed by the end consumers. In my particular case seomkt I am hitting my end consumer 100% as you are here to better market and promote your websites to your consumer.

I started off by mentioning you have to understand your consumer but I must also include a very important piece of information. This is regarding your product or service you have to offer. Please before you go wasting your money on advertising make sure you actually have a market in which you can profit from! Don’t waste money on a product or service in which there is no need for. Also take into consideration who your competitors are. You should considering the following question when comparing your product or service to the competitors.

  • Are my product less, equal or far superior to my competitors?
  • Is my product or service under priced, competitively priced or overpriced compared to my competitors?
  • Are my competitors products and services holding the majority of market share and if so how can I compete?
  • Is the consumer loyalty based on product experience or price?

Understanding your product or service will be vital to you successfully penetrating your target market and without this information you’re liable to fail at your attempt to launch. So I urge you to take a moment and try to better understand your end consumer because if you don’t take the timer your competitors will. Also take a moment to analyze your competition as they may be offering a better product and or service already.

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