The Importance of Marketing! And what to do with it!

Hey I’m just on a roll today. I think I actually found something I really enjoy posting about and its marketing. Who would have ever thought considering I’m a Graduate of Business Administration Marketing! In this blog we will be discussing the importance of proper marketing.

One of the toughest challenges Business and Website owners face today is finding where the Business/website is going and how it will get there. Don’t get down on yourself if you still don’t know these answers as no company website owner can accurately foresee what the future will bring!

Change is occurring everywhere, technology is faster, cheaper and better than ever before and this changes the way people live and work and purchase anything on a regular basis. As we all know the Internet has revolutionized our society and the way we communicate.

Where does marketing fit in all this you ask? Simply put marketing is an agent of change. In other words there is two ways to look at this. Marketing provides a means for company’s to always have an idea and the ability to asses changing conditions and also provide the expertise to develop appropriate strategies so that they can take advantage of these changes and benefit from them as they happen.

Let’s have a look what the term Marketing literally stands for as a detailed explanation. Marketing can be considered a process in which identifies and or finds a need offering it to the end consumer at a profit therefore satisfying the consumers need. To provide a quick demonstration I will use the following example. Hot mail went though many marketing tasks and as the end result determined the end consumer had a need for free, easy access e-mail accounts. They developed hot and allowed the consumer to have an account for free. They found a need and they filled it. The company then sold advertising space in order to generate profits and also allowed for an upgrade to a paid account if needed. This is just an example of marketing at its best, finding a need and filling it.

Marketing today generally is to collect, analyze, and apply information regarding to customers in order to develop marketing strategies. Marketing strategies include some of the following,

  • Product Pricing
  • Product Distribution
  • Product Development
  • Communications
  • Changes in needs (respond to the end consumers needs)

So this was a little explanation of what Marketing is and how we are able to use it to better our Websites and or Products.

Remember a Website is a product and you should treat it like one.

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