The Marketing Mix, break down your blog

It’s well known that in today’s society marketing is in fact a substance of change. As we grow our ideals and marketing strategies continue to change and evolve.  As normal the majority of my blogging strategies are actually used in today’s market place and business offices.

The Marketing Mix

This term is defined as a combination of marketing elements used when marketing or promoting our blogs in order to satisfy the needs of our targeted blogging audience. The marketing Mix has 4 primary elements, product, price, marketing, and communications.


Our blog is our product. The content we offer our readers to the plug-ins that motivate their comments.  Everything thing we do to satisfy the end users is claimed to be part of our product.


We don’t have much pricing regarding selling but we could still use this section for our blogs. Let’s look at price as in what’s’ the readers price. What are they willing to pay to read your content? If you have ads on your site and are making money your readers are paying. My readers are paying and it’s the price of ads and the income I make.



Vlogging (Video Blogging) has come a long way. I have seen many bloggers taking advantage of this personal median of blogging and discussing topic with their readers. I think it’s a great way to reach your end consumer and really make them return to your blog. Audio is used a lot things like podcasts. Not many bloggers are doing audio posts but it’s available and should be included here for communications.


I would have to say this is my favorite art of blogging. I really enjoy meeting people and commenting on their blogs. I use all the social networks! I have been banned a few times and signed back the next day with a different username. I try to be really social I find it works well for relationship building and creating targeted traffic. You can also use Forums, Blog Directories etc…


Have your ever broke down and applied this system to your blog?

Do you think the Marketing Mix is something you could use on your own blog the motivate your readers to comment and return visit?

Let me know!

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