The Power of Blog Branding

Understanding the true raw power of building a brand should be of most importance as a blogger. You’re not just building and developing a blog your blog is a product. Many factors come into play when developing a blog brand and in today’s article we will examine each and determine how they apply to our blogs.

Brand Loyalty

With every brand name comes a sense of respect and loyalty from your readers. See you have built and developed this expectation of content that has created a relationship with your readers. This will keep your readers coming back and commenting on your blogs. This relationship is difficult to build and once active should be maintained with the highest importance. Brand loyalty can also be weak and of no interest. This allows for opportunity of self improvement with your blogging to prove you can offer a competitive blog.

Brand Recognition

This is the first and most important part of building a brand. This stage is going to be the first time the end consumer or blog reader will actually see your blog  brand. Many call this the first impression and for good reasoning to. If the consumer doesn’t like your blog on the first impression it’s extremely difficult to bring them back on to your side again. This can also apply with first dates! First impression are make or break sometimes.


Brand Preference

Even if the consumer prefers your blog over your competitors availability is still really important. If it’s not available (new content, website down etc…) they will go else where or accept the closest alternative. A great example of this is McDonald’s. A customer may ask for Pepsi but seeing the company only has Coke a Cola the customer will accept the alternative product. See the point here is your readership is fragile! Don’t think your so special a reader can’t find this information else where. You have to treat this brand and relationship with respect and offer dependability and consistency.

Brand Insistence

If you’re at this stage with your readers consider yourself to be very lucky. Many bloggers never reach this level of brand power.At this stage in the Brand Management process only your blog will do and nothing else. The reader has developed a sense of trust and has granted extreme loyalty to your blog. This means they will not go else where, they will not read another blog, they will literally wait until you have satisfied their needs and no one else.


Have you developed a brand name with your readers?

What level of loyalty do you think they have?

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