The Process of Developing a New Blog Article

As a new blogger I can easily say coming up with new content daily and ensuring it’s unique to my readers proves to be extremely challenging. The process in which I use to develop and produce these ideas is similar to the process used by many fortune 500 companies and today I will share this with you. Some would call this strategy “the new products development process” but for today’s exercise is called “the new blog article development process”.

Idea Generation

All blog articles stem from a great idea. Ideas are generated from brain storming and writing things down. Traditionally this would be done by an internal Research and Development department but I must admit I don’t have access to these resources so I stick with the brain storming idea. I compile a bunch of words that interest me and create a spider web affect eventually coming up with my article.


You’re going to have an overload of information after your brain storming session. The elimination of these ideas is to be considered the Screening process. This will eliminate all the ideas that are not in the best interest of our readers.

Concept Development or Article Testing

This part is time consuming and most bloggers will not have the resources to actually proceed with this stage. What happens here is we start writing the article but an actual mini version ensuring the content will flow and will provide a benefit to our readers. Sometimes even the coolest ideals end up flopping. Overall this stage is to determine if we have enough information and content to prepare the article properly.

Business Analysis

As we proceed to the end of our stages we want to do a final review and analysis on what we approved during the Screening stage. As much as we try tt eliminate the poor ideas during the initial screening process  we still find ourselves allowing some articles to slip through and perhaps they shouldn’t have. Such an analysis includes thorough evaluation of the competitive offerings and their marketing strengths and weaknesses. More ideas will be eliminated using the stage.

Article Development

In this stage the blog article or concept is converted into a physical document. The idea here is to write the article in order to further analysis if it’s something your readers will enjoy. Normally in the business world we would get third party opinions on the article but seeing it’s probably just you sitting there typing you can make the final management decision yourself. Ask yourself is my article good enough for my readers. This stage also includes the design and structure of your article. What images will be used and so on.


How will we market our new article? This will or can be considered or marketing plan. What social networks will we submit our content to? What keywords will we market in order to generate organic traffic and what other medians will we use to build traffic and promotion. I like to use all the social networks and I also use blog commenting as a median of targeted web traffic and promotion.


How do you write your articles?
Do you follow similar steps or do you just bang things together the old school way?
Was this article any help what so ever?

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