The Total Blogging Concept

When talking about our blog we have to realize we’re talking about a product. When all said and done we have a price tag, a value that is placed on our blog allowing us to make a final lump sum of money if or when we decide to sell. When creating and developing your blog you want to ensure specific elements will be included in increase the value not only to you but to your readers.

The Total Blog Concept
The blog concept consists of specific elements that generate a final perspective or opinion on a unique targeted and specific blog.

The Blogging Mix
The first element named the blogging mix consists of multiple levels. This will be your total range of offering at your blog. Some elements would be categories of discussions, informational posts, wordpress plug-ins and interaction from your products with your readers.

The Unique Blog
This sections is always of most importance. You must have some sort of unique offering to your end users or blog readers. The key word here people is unique! Something you cannot get else where but where you are right now.


The Reliability of Content
Your reader have to trust what you’re blogging about. Don’t throw out examples or suggestions unless you’re sure they can work. The majority of all my article are inspired from fortune 500 companies and marketing manage books. I read and gather information before I blog or as I blog. What’ you’re reading is true marketing and blogging materials.

Consistency and Relevance
When writing on your blog be consistent! I’m not one to brag in this section but unlike most bloggers say you don’t have to preach what you write! I can say do this and not do that! If you do this you will be successful.


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