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Today we will discuss some of the most unique and interesting ways to develop more blog traffic to your blog. Before we have discussed how to successfully benefit from Webmaster Forums, Social Networking Website and Organic Traffic from Google! Today I’m going to sum up all the ways I have currently advertised, marketed and promoted my personal websites! Some ideals will work for you and other might not so take the information and apply it to yourself as you should!

Social Networking Websites – By far social networking has developed a new and exciting ways to promote our blogs and increase our traffic. These sites gather many people into one place allowing us to develop a large amount of traffic in a little bit of time! It’s hard to determine what social networks will provide the most consistent traffic so the safest bet is to use the big and well known ones! I’m talking the big boys like digg, stumbleupon, mix, yahoo buzz, and blog engage.

Using the social networks will build your audience and in the end you can end up with more readers. Hey readers are traffic too you know and could potentially increase your traffic dramatically. I mean before I started posting here on my blog I have maybe 20 hits a day and now I’m seeing over 80 unique visits per day! Mind you I don’t use social networks besides blog engage but after today this will change!  I signed up on all those sites and will start using them ASAP to generate more blog traffic.

Webmaster Forums – these are always a great from of traffic! There’s nothing wrong with spending an hour or two in a webmaster forums marketing and promoting your blogs. Take advantage of this for god asked they create the forums so you will market and promote yourself.

Blog Commenting – Make comments on all the blogs you come across. Follow up on the comments and maintain the conversations. Build relationships with these bloggers and who know they might come and visit your blog and comment too.

Original Content – try and maintain quality and original content on your blog. If it’s a typical article you can read anywhere maybe the readers won’t come back to your site! Add something in the article that makes yours different from the other 10,000 blogs they could easily read. Speak to the reader as if they are willing to learn your techniques and tricks! Don’t assume they know what you’re talking about or explaining, be specific and try to provide examples.

Google Adwords – I used Google Adwords and the service has much potential but I find it costly if you want to target any keywords that are important. This is a use at your own risk trust me you can see some decent money fade away pretty fast!

Interact with your readers – Encourage your reader to comment or ask questions on your blog! Try to communicate using proactive questions which allow for the ideals and thoughts of your readers to post.

I know this seems like a lot of work but if you started a blog without thinking about the activities involved in order to become successful maybe it’s time to rethink your willingness to work hard! I wish you guys and gals nothing but the best of luck!

Do you have any good traffic techniques or Tips you would like to share with me? Please let me know if I missed something awesome just post it here.



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