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It’s a new month already doesn’t it just make you say… wow? Time really does pas by fast when you look at things in a larger perspective. We have to think positive regrading time as many goals, objectives have been meet. As a blogger a month means so much. We dedicate time in theory to our blogs as we write daily our thoughts and interests. My personal goals differ from your but none the less we all have a ticking clock.

This passing of time brings new and easy opportunities to us as bloggers when marketing and promotion our blogs. Right now across the entire blogosphere lies opportunity t generate and maintain true high quality back links to our articles. For instance lets have a look at my social networking website blogengage. Right now lies amazing opportunity to freely take the top of the week and top of the month positions. These are from a Page Rank 4 Do Follow Social Community.


As you can clearly see the opportunity to grab these links is very competitive. With only 2 or 3 votes on the current links this can make for an interesting month. I’m going to start following this and reporting on the Top Engaged at Blogengage every Sunday and we’ll see who’s actually in the lead and how takes over the position etc… it should be pretty fun.

How to increase your votes

Increasing the amount of voted you get is very hard. It’s important with any social network that you encourage your reader to get involved. For example look at my profile, bbrian017 you can see all my readers here on my blog are voting for me. All I  do is ask them (you) to vote for my articles and you normally do.

If you want that spot you have to get your readers involved. The coolest thing about this social sharing is you start a really neat train affect that ripple across a larger spectrum helping out many other bloggers at the same time.

I hope to see you at the top!

As always don’t forget to vote for me @ blogengage and if interested you can join my social group.

Add me as a friend, bbrian017



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