Understanding the needs of your prospects

When determining what the needs are of any prospect you have to do extensive but limited research. This means you have to find detailed information regarding the prospect but you might not need as much as you think. You simply need to finds the important facts that will help you sell your products or services.

Take a step back and act as if you’re a customer of the prospect and start looking for issues or problems a typical customer of your prospect might face. This is an excellent way to determine if your prospect has a need for what you’re selling.

Finding these issues or problems opens the door and provides a great opportunity for offering a solution. If your company can provide this solution then you have a good chance of making a sale.

After you find the problem and come to a conclusion regarding the best possible solution you then should be deciding on how you’re going to approach the situation. Remember some people get offended very quickly. Even if you show they have a need and a problem with the current why their doing business you may offend them and they could potentially look at your competitor for the solution.

You have to understand how your prospect feels and works in order to get the best results form your suggestions. Remember you should come across with the attitude of helping change and not bringing change.

Take a close look at your prospects competitors and see what or how they are doping business. Will your products or services help the company become equally competitive or will they have an extreme competitive advantage?


Features – What type of features can you offer from your products and or service that will make it easier to sell?

– What are the benefits of using the products or service? Increase in productivity, efficient or management control?

Advantages – Finally what are the advantages of using your product or services?

Don’t try to simply sell your products blindly. Take the time to understand your prospects and find ways your products or services can help then achieve their visionary goals.

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