Unique Content Increases SEO and Organic Website Traffic

Understand this concept and you may have the chance of dramatically increasing your website traffic! When submitting to Social Networking sites create unique content by changing the keywords in your topic title and the body of the explanation! This isn’t mandatory for any site but the concept could potentially increase your organic traffic flow by over 100%

Let me explain the concept behind Unique Content or the ideal of what it represents. When you initially write your blog article and submit it to your blog site the content at this point is unique to the World Wide Web and all its Search Engines. When the Search Engine caches your content it will check to ensure your content is unique and not already mentioned elsewhere. Once this is confirmed your information will be indexed into Google’s search results along with other Search Engines. The keywords that were used for the article along with other factors will determine your SERP for a specific page. (Search Engine Rank Position)

When submitting to Social Networking websites you have the opportunity to develop many search results linking to one specific article. Creating Unique content on a social networking website is easy as mentioned. You simply use a unique topic title with similar keywords and a unique description of the content.

Who in their right mind wouldn’t want 2 Google search results indexed and linking back to their site especially from blogengage seeing we’re all about the do follow! Pass the Juice!

Here are some examples of what I have personally done with my latest submissions at blog engage,

Submitted on original Blog titles,

1. Blog Marketing – Tips and Techniques for Success – Webinar
2. Increase Website Traffic by using Top Webmaster Forums

Submitted at Blog Engage titles,

1. Tips and Tricks for starting a new blog – Webinar
2. Top Webmaster Forums can Increase Website Traffic

The Keywords are targeted and focused “Starting a new blog” and “Top Webmaster Forums” These are the terms I want the search engine to pick up! In general I want the Search Engine to pick it all up Webmaster, Traffic, Website Traffic, Blog Marketing, Tips and Techniques and whatever else you see in there! My topics are %100 relevant so Google will cache these articles in top spots over no time!

I know it’s a lot of work but in the end it might be worth the effort! We all know it’s the organic traffic that makes the money!

Best of luck and enjoy!


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