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After owing my own social networking website for over a year I have come up with ways in which we bloggers can benefit from them. There are many ways to generate traffic to our blogs but did you know the majority of these traffic generation activities can be completed in the same place if you just find the right social network?

As always I will use Blog Engage as my example social network seeing I just can’t bear to talk about any others. Also why would I want to promote anything but the best social networking website for bloggers on the net?

Generating traffic to our blogs can be done using many medians but today we’re going to discuss how to get the most out of the same website as possible. There’s many ways to generate a decent amount of traffic and the ways I’m mentioning today have been discussed many times but the difference is I’m going to help you target that traffic, increase your readership and build relationships with other bloggers.

First let’s introduce the demonstration Social Networking website Blog Engage. Blog Engage allows its members to submit their blog articles that will be viewed and voted on by all members. Based on the amount of votes a blog article gets, or doesn’t get will determine weather or not the blog article will be published or will remain on the upcoming page. This is important to know seeing one of my traffic examples will discuss this.

Commenting on other blogs – We all know commenting on other blogs is a great way to generate traffic. Some would say commenting on blogs within your niche will generate you the most targeted traffic and I would have to agree. How does this involve Blog Engage the Social Networking Website? Hello… Blog Engage has one of the biggest categories for social networking websites on the net! All you have to do is search the category you need, published or upcoming and start selecting the blogs in which you want to comment on. As mentioned earlier all categories have 2 spots published and upcoming. So when you search a specific category make sure you search both, published and upcoming for the most possible results.

Share this option on Blog Engage – I’m not too sure if you noticed but a few members at Blog Engage go out of there way to Engage, Digg, Stumble and Buzz your submitted articles! The cool this is it’s actually pretty easy. For every submission on Blog Engage there’s an add this or share this link. If you click it the option to add that individual’s blog article is right there with easy access and little or no effort. I think the only one I’m missing right now is the Buzz link and image from yahoo. I will look into adding it ASAP!



Profile Page and Promotion – Always take advantage of your profile! Add every little detail possible so when people visit it they understand a little about you the bloggers and have the opportunity to visit your blog site. The link is a do follow so why not add it?

Comment on submissions and the blog – Get yourself well known in the community! GeoServ is well known for doing this! Not only does he interact with the members at Blog Engage but he also comments on their blogs! This is the part I spoke about that allows you to build relationships! Keep at it, don’t give up and you will do fine.



If you know about any other ways to generate more traffic from Blog Engage please share your ideals I would be happy to hear about them.

Brian B

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