Vacation Update – Casa Loma

What an amazing vacation. Sorry I didn’t bring everyone up to date earlier but I really wanted to take the weekend off too. So in total I had 9 days off from blogging and from my career. One thing that really surprised me was how fast the time went by. I had a blast and seen a lot of things but the time seems to slip right between my fingers and here I am at the grin again.

I had a lot of comments over the past week regarding my whereabouts and why the blog wasn’t being updated. For all of you still wondering now you know. I was hoping to show some pictures today so if the site post is loading slow at least you know why.

We had so much fun. First we went to Casa Loma which was the first building in all of Toronto to have electricity and running hot water. This was an amazing castle and I think I managed to get some really nice pictures.













What amazed me is how well my pictures turned out. I have a pretty old Camera and it’s only a 3.0 mega pixel. I have so many more photos to share but you will have to wait as I’m dedicating the entire week to my vacation and the pictures I took.

Tomorrow we will be looking at the Toronto Zoo I have some really cool pictures I think your going to like.

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