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Over the past few months I have made some  little changes to our site that dramatically affects the way our site operates. For the longest time I was having major spam issues that forced me to change the way blogengage operated. See initially blogengage is meant to be a vote based system. You submit your blog articles and members in return vote on it. Depending on it’s popularity it would a chance of being published to the front page.

As time passed and our site was over overwhelmingly spammed and I had to come up with a productive way in order to still have new articles seen by our members but hide the spam in anyway possible. So what I did was I blocked all the upcoming pages, new articles and comments from our visiting members and simply allowed them to only see the articles I decided to publish. I sent a mass e-mail asking all members to update their profile and avatar and if they did I would manually publish their articles daily.

It wasn’t long after I started this I realized it was simply becoming too time consuming. I found myself spending every morning and evening trying to keep up with the submitted content from our members. The front page was being replaced daily and for our members that enjoy the traffic of our front page this was not working out well.

After doing this for about 4 months I found a free module that allowed me to moderate all first submissions on my site once again allowing me to revert back to the old ways using our upcoming page and allowing members to hold the front page a little longer.

URL Structure Changes

This is a rather funny change. I remember when I first started marketing blogengage I was attacked from a forum member at (TBE) the blog experiment she was saying how my site was a waste of time, it doesn’t pass the page rank juice and she would never participate. See at this time I was a huge noob and didn’t know anything about marketing online or do follow blogs. I immediately I went over to the pligg forums asking about this No Follow crap I’m getting in shit for and was told I had nothing to worry about the site was in fact do follow already.

For the first two years of blogengage our url’s would lead using a out.php file and for the record this has been removed. Apparently there was a large debate if in fact the out.php was actually sharing the juice to other blogs blog or not. So to make a point over the last week I found out how to change this and we no longer use this url structure. If you hover any link on blogengage its now 100% Do Follow and uses your url as the referring url and again not the out.php

New Addition of Advertisements

I’m not sure if you noticed (pretty hard not too) but I have added three adbrite advertisements to our social network. Honestly I’m hoping i start making a few dollars to pay for my servers. Right now my costs on blogengage are around 12oo USD per year and I’m trying to cover these with ad incomes. I decided to add adbrite seeing the majority of our users will never click an adsense add seeing you also run them live on their blog. I feel adbrite can offer you unique offers without worry of clicking them.

Well that’s all I can think about for now. If you have any questions or suggestion I’m always open to discussing them.

If you have a blog engage image or decide to add one we will add you to our link love page.

As always don’t forget to vote for me @ blogengage and if interested you can join my social group.

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  1. Asswass says:

    Brian, I’m looking forward to see how much money you make with Adbrite this Month.
    .-= Asswass´s last blog ..Rule #8 of Radical Marketing: Be Careful with your Marketing Mix =-.

  2. Hey there Brian, you are a busy little bee 😉
    .-= Blazing Minds´s last blog ..Review: The Final Destination 3D =-.

  3. Melvin says:

    I havent been on BlogEngage for quite a while as well so reading these changes help me become updated with stuffs…
    .-= Melvin´s last blog ..Affiliate Marketing in Blogs =-.

    • bbrian017 says:

      These are all positive changes! Especially the out.php for the website url’s you guys shoudl be really happy about this change.

  4. It’s my first time here at your site Brian. Hopefully, to learn more from you.

    I am thinking of adding make money online topics not just personal finance at my site to further increase its traffic.

    From Personal Finance at Its best to “Personal Finance and Make Money Online Infused”
    .-= Millionaire Acts´s last blog ..2009 Top Philippine Companies =-.

    • bbrian017 says:

      Hi there Millionaire welcome to my blog!

      Did you find us using blogengage or from another bloggers blog from my comments?

  5. Blaine Bullman says:

    Ya I noticed the adbrite ads but if they pay the server costs and they make you extra money then I wish you all the best with them.

    Do you have any others changes planned for the future?
    .-= Blaine Bullman´s last blog ..6 Benefits Of Social Networking =-.

    • bbrian017 says:

      Actually right now Blaine I’m looking at integrating our blog directory to our current template. I’m in the pricing and negotiation stages.


  1. Vote on this article at blogengage.com says:

    What’s new at blogengage.com…

    Over the past few months I have made some little changes to our site that dramatically affects the way our site operates. For the longest time I was having major spam issues that forced me to change the way blogengage operated. See initially blogengag…

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