What is Organic Traffic and how to improve it

For some Organic Traffic is the bread and butter of PPC and Affiliate advertising income. The landing pages of Organic Traffic provides an opportunity for bloggers to make some decent money. The general idea behind organic traffic is to optimize your website so it’s friendly to search engine bots which allows your website to be properly indexed from Google and other major search engines.

The best thing about organic traffic is it’s free and doesn’t take much work to get it flowing. With the proper keywords and SEO you should see organic traffic flowing into your websites or blogs in no time. One of the coolest things is when you’re cached it takes a lot of work to get a better ranking then you for those keywords!

Memberships, RSS, Blog Engage

The consistency of relevant topics and new content will help your website rank better in Google and overall increase your organic traffic. Its simple, the more content you have the more you will be cached and the more organic traffic you will receive.

Word Press is one of the most SEO friendly pieces of software I have ever seen. This is when you have the proper plug-ins installed that is. I always recommend the all in one SEO for word press. This allows you to make your topics or permalink URL’s to be customized and unique for targeted keywords.

How can you get more organic traffic from search engines?

There are many ways to increase your organic traffic to your blog. I have compiled a list of ways that you can easily implement to improve your organic traffic from Google or other search engines. Here are a few examples on steps you can take.

1. Ensure your Topics and Titles are unique, relevant and SEO friendly
2. Join Google Webmaster tools and track your keywords
3. Create relative backlinks to your blog from other relative blogs
4. Use appropriate topic titles and keywords
5. Create unique content and avoid anything duplicate
6. Add the proper tags to your articles
7. Write consistently about the topics and keywords for a week on end but remain relevant
8. Ensure you use your keywords in the body of your article a few times
9. Submit your content to social networking websites
10. Digg, Stumble, Buzz and Engage your article!

Generating Organic Traffic is far from easy seeing you have to consistently update your blog with new and unique content. The less you update your blog the less your article pushes up in Google’s index. I would also suggest your Domain Name has a targeted keywords in it! So if someone is searching a set of keywords that are not only a topic title on your site but also a part of the domain name you have a really good chance of being displayed in Google’s Top Ten.

Just as an example I bought SEO MKT because it had the SEO in it and I knew I would blog about Marketing and here I am SEO =  Search Engine Optimization and MKT = Marketing.

Best of luck and thanks for visiting!


Memberships, RSS, Blog Engage

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