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I’ve owned Blog Engage now for over three years and one of the biggest beliefs I have is to do on to others socially what you would like them to do on to you.

Blog Engage has a very unique policy that requires all members of the community to Vote, Tweet, Stumble and Digg when they can. See this was the point of starting Blog Engage three years ago. I wanted to create an environment where bloggers could meet one another, socially share and benefit each other in the blogosphere.

Creating this environment hasn’t been the easiest task because if you haven’t noticed many people are only worried about their own success and don’t care about what others need or want. This exact statement is what makes Blog Engage different then all other social communities.

When submitting your content to the Blog Engage community make sure to visit some of the upcoming pages and vote for other bloggers. Engage with them and visit their blogging websites. Build relationships with these bloggers and they will turn into blog readers.

After reading this article will you take the time to vote and engage with other bloggers within our social community? Leave your feedback and let me know if you already do! I would love to hear your thoughts on our communities minimum expectations. Suggestion are always welcomed as well.


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Memberships, RSS, Blog Engage

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  1. I always try to vote other blogs and vist at least one or two blogs everytime I submit my own post.
    I feel if I expect others to vote me up and visit my blog, I best return the favour.
    It’s about give and take isn’t it.
    Robert Bravery recently posted…6 Easy Ways To Speed Up Your ComputerMy Profile

    • bbrian017 says:

      Hi Robert, I really appreciate that! It kills me to see so many of our great bloggers get stuck on the upcoming pages! We need more votes’ heck that’s the point of our community. Thanks for supporting the community and ti’s members.

  2. Jane says:


    I just cannot read this article and leave without commenting. I discovered BE only recently and now it is my #1 priority for bloggers and #1 place where I hang out. Of course I do equally hang out on Twitter, but BE is something unique.

    And as you say, I must stress that I do not get that unique feel when I am at other places. BE is great. I am extremely glad that I found it!


    • bbrian017 says:

      Hello Jane, I’m also you found it because blog engage is always looking for real bloggers. I love that you stuck around to comment it means a ton to me and I hope blog engage brings you all the success possible. I love blog engage and it’s managed to grow so well over the last three years! It’s been such a blast meeting everyone including yourself.

  3. Catarina Alexon says:

    Like your idea of Blog Engage. Just got an invite and joined.

    The only thing that’s a bit difficult is to find out how to do things like find members to connect with and so forth.

    About the only thing that’s absolutely clear is that if members don’t engage the way they should you terminate their membership.

    Am for instance not sure if I uploaded the correct Blog Engage Profile Badge? It’s at the bottom of the page, not sure why it ended up there. So please let me know if that’s correct by sending me a message. Thank you.

    • bbrian017 says:

      Hello Catarina, first of all I thought I removed all that stuff… So sorry for the confusion. I woudl never terminate someone’s account unless they spammed our website. Could you kindly link me to where you read that? I also no longer require our member to have a blog engage badge. It’s only there if you want to help promote and build awareness about the community.

      I think because you are new I would suggest checking out some beginner videos I have done, http://www.blogengage.com/faq-en.php

      that’s a great place to get started! Also I’m on twitter, facebook and skype as bbrian017 I’m always open to conversations so ask anything you need.

      • Catarina Alexon says:

        Interesting Brian since this is what it said in the invite I got:

        You have been offered the privilege to join the prestigious Blog Engage community if, and only if, you are serious about being a productive and supportive member of our group. Please follow the steps below to register your new account. You must read each step or risk account termination.

        Please make sure to read our rules.

        #1. Create your login and password

        #2. Fill out your profile information and add a picture (REQUIRED)

        #3. Add the Blog Engage Profile Badges to your blog footer or sidebar. (Optional support the community )

        #4. Use this opportunity to post a Guest Blog and introduce yourself to our members (optional)

        We are very strict about our rules to ensure consistent quality. You must rate at least three articles for each article you post. This is for your own good, as it guarantees each unique submission will get the attention it deserves and everyone can benefit from the system. Congratulations on joining one of the fastest growing interactive Blog communities on the web! Remember we are a team, so be sure to help your team members wherever possible.

        Good luck and welcome,



        • bbrian017 says:

          Hey Catarina, thanks so much I was wondering why people continued to think the image was mandatory. I’ll make sure to change that and update the file! thanks tons for stopping by and helping me with this. It says it’s optional already…

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