Where does your blog traffic come from?

Since I started SeoMkt I have been using Google analytics. This is a free service offered from Google that allow you to keep track of where your blog traffic is coming from. The coolest thing about analytics as mentioned is the service is %100 free and only costs the price of your website!

Blog Traffic is important to bloggers so keeping track of where the hits are coming from is beneficial for most of us. I once used a service from Godaddy named traffic fact to monitor my blog traffic but it wasn’t free and wasn’t nearly as detailed as Google’s Analytics.

I use this information to see how I’m doing with my blog as a whole. I look at many marketing factors such as what content is being read, what content Google is linking to, what area of the world are my readers visiting from and more!

My Top Blog Traffic (Hits) Websites are as follows!

Blog Engage
Blog Catalog

My Top Blog Traffic (Lowest Bounce Rate Based on Top Above)

Stumbleupon 43%
Yawoop 52%
Blog Engage 55%
Blog Catalog 66%
Direct 75%
Yahoo 76%
Google 80%
Digital Point 81%
Entrecard 84%
Entrecard Droppers 94%

Where does your blog traffic come from?

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