Where have all the bloggers gone?

Seems these days we have less and less bloggers around the community. Over the past few days I was going and moderating all the links that lead to dead blogs over at Blog Engage and to my surprise I ran into a large amount of dead and non existent blogs.

Over 30 percent of the blogs submitted at blog engage were either dead or no longer active. Some of the coolest bloggers I ever seen haven’t’ posted in more than a year.

Where are all the bloggers?

This is a good and relative question to ask ourselves. It wasn’t even a year ago we had bloggers coming out of the woodworks. Today I sit here and can’t even find one of those bloggers to this day. Have the bloggers lost all hope? Have they lost all blogging interest? Perhaps the assumed blogging was going to be fun and easy.

So here we are a year later and look at this. News flash blogging isn’t easy. Blogging takes time, dedication, commitment and education. So the bloggers start coming in by the dozen and the committed bloggers (us) sit back, blog, and watch the rest fail. It’s not that we get joy out of watching bloggers fail at their blogs. It’s rather depressing to see such a wave of failure in the blogosphere.

How to ensure blogging success?

Simply put there’s nothing you can do to ensure the success of your blog. We have suggestions and measures you can take to control the longevity of your blog but nothing is set in stone saying you will become successful.

The sad truth was presented to me when I was cleaning out the old and dead links at blog engage. Bloggers are a dying bread and there’s nothing we can do about it.

I’m not trying to preach or say I’m better than anyone. I’m simply stating the facts and the reality of this industry. People like the idea and concept of blogging but the sudden realization of how hard blogging is makes the majority of bloggers give up or move on to something else.

Don’t base the success of your blog on comments or earnings. When you start blogging for the money your done. Rarely do bloggers make any money with blogging. Sure a few bloggers managed to make some decent coin but let me stress to you this is few and far in between. Blogging is not about making money, working is about making money and blogging is not working. Some bloggers make a living from blogging and in that case my statement is incorrect. For the majority of bloggers what I speak today is the true.

In general there is no happy story here. Bloggers are a dying bread and it’s sad but nothing can be done.

Please can someone tell me? Where have all the bloggers gone?



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