Why SEO is so confusing and misleading

The other day I was in my favorite webmaster forum and started a thread regarding SEO, Specifically Google and why Social Networking Websites even get cached seeing the majority of content hosted on their website is duplicate and non unique.

Let’s take digg.com as an example! 99.9% of the information on digg.com is dupe content submitted word for word with no changes to it what so ever. So in general aren’t they breaking the Google TOS and shouldn’t they be banned? why does Google cache every page of every second?

Hey I know I’m not one to talk. I own my own Social Networking Website for Bloggers and yes it’s no better than digg.com. Besides a few blog submissions I added myself with unique content and descriptions it’s also all duplicate content yet I get 350 organic traffic hits from Google a day.

Questions come to mind immediately for me. Does Google make an exception for Social Networking Websites? Are they allowed to have duplicate content without being penalized unlike the rest of the websites on the net?

Lets have a look at some of the high page rank websites that consists of duplicate content shall we.

Digg.com – I really don’t understand it and if any of the readers can tell why this website has a page rank of 9 please let me know! Even the upcoming page added a few months ago already has a page rank of 6

Blogengage.com – Yup that’s right I’m confronting Google using my own social networking website! Blogengage is 100% dupe content… Seriously I think I’m the only one that creates a unique title and description when submitting so the whole website is pretty much based on duplicate content.

Reddit.com – Alright finally a website that might deserve a little page rank! Surely not a 9 but I would say maybe a 3 or 4! This is one of the only submit and vote websites I’ve seen with unique content… or at least unique topic titles and descriptions.

Sphinn.com – Again this is a prefect example on how Google is messed in the head and needs changing! Technically this website along with the others should be banned from Google. Duplicate content people it’s Google best friend these days!

This is the popular list I imagine there’s others with high page rank and all dupe content!

So what’s the point? I will tell you the point!

Do you understand what page rank is? The higher your page rank the more organic traffic you get! The more organic traffic you get the higher your page rank becomes. It’s all based on your Search Engine Ranking Position (SERP) The higher you are, the more traffic you get.

But please someone explain to me why digg.com and reddit.com out rank even the submitter websites? The place is a dupe content junk yard but still out ranks the website where the content was originally submitted!

I will tell you why, it’s because digg.com and reddit.com get cached by Google every hour and the majority of the time it’s even before your website or blog. So that content your submitting is actually unique to digg.com and reddit.com before it’s even noticed on your blog! When noticed on your blog its considered dupe and digg.com will always have a better SERP than your original article!

Some cases this is incorrect but for 90% of the bloggers out there it’s true! Keep your eyes open start searching your keywords and see if Google is allowing digg.com to out rank you! I bet you’ll be pretty pissed off and upset.

Interested to know how you can fix this issue?

Read an article I wrote that will solve all your problems here regarding unique content and Social Networking websites. It’s a 2 part article so make sure you check both out.

1. Creating Unique Content Part 1

2. Creating Unique Content Part 2

Best of luck friends and sorry about the bad news!


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