Why SEO is so confusing and misleading

The other day I was in my favorite webmaster forum and started a thread regarding SEO, Specifically Google and why Social Networking Websites even get cached seeing the majority of content hosted on their website is duplicate and non unique.

Let’s take digg.com as an example! 99.9% of the information on digg.com is dupe content submitted word for word with no changes to it what so ever. So in general aren’t they breaking the Google TOS and shouldn’t they be banned? why does Google cache every page of every second?

Hey I know I’m not one to talk. I own my own Social Networking Website for Bloggers and yes it’s no better than digg.com. Besides a few blog submissions I added myself with unique content and descriptions it’s also all duplicate content yet I get 350 organic traffic hits from Google a day.

Questions come to mind immediately for me. Does Google make an exception for Social Networking Websites? Are they allowed to have duplicate content without being penalized unlike the rest of the websites on the net?

Lets have a look at some of the high page rank websites that consists of duplicate content shall we.

Digg.com – I really don’t understand it and if any of the readers can tell why this website has a page rank of 9 please let me know! Even the upcoming page added a few months ago already has a page rank of 6

Blogengage.com – Yup that’s right I’m confronting Google using my own social networking website! Blogengage is 100% dupe content… Seriously I think I’m the only one that creates a unique title and description when submitting so the whole website is pretty much based on duplicate content.

Reddit.com – Alright finally a website that might deserve a little page rank! Surely not a 9 but I would say maybe a 3 or 4! This is one of the only submit and vote websites I’ve seen with unique content… or at least unique topic titles and descriptions.

Sphinn.com – Again this is a prefect example on how Google is messed in the head and needs changing! Technically this website along with the others should be banned from Google. Duplicate content people it’s Google best friend these days!

This is the popular list I imagine there’s others with high page rank and all dupe content!

So what’s the point? I will tell you the point!

Do you understand what page rank is? The higher your page rank the more organic traffic you get! The more organic traffic you get the higher your page rank becomes. It’s all based on your Search Engine Ranking Position (SERP) The higher you are, the more traffic you get.

But please someone explain to me why digg.com and reddit.com out rank even the submitter websites? The place is a dupe content junk yard but still out ranks the website where the content was originally submitted!

I will tell you why, it’s because digg.com and reddit.com get cached by Google every hour and the majority of the time it’s even before your website or blog. So that content your submitting is actually unique to digg.com and reddit.com before it’s even noticed on your blog! When noticed on your blog its considered dupe and digg.com will always have a better SERP than your original article!

Some cases this is incorrect but for 90% of the bloggers out there it’s true! Keep your eyes open start searching your keywords and see if Google is allowing digg.com to out rank you! I bet you’ll be pretty pissed off and upset.

Interested to know how you can fix this issue?

Read an article I wrote that will solve all your problems here regarding unique content and Social Networking websites. It’s a 2 part article so make sure you check both out.

1. Creating Unique Content Part 1

2. Creating Unique Content Part 2

Best of luck friends and sorry about the bad news!


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  1. Brian

    You have made an excellent analysis and it’s hard for me to not to believe it. Yes, some of my inner pages actually rank lower than digg submission. It’s unfair, huh?

    Anyway, we are always at the mercy of Google so don’t put all our eggs into Google’s basket and that’s the mantra I’m keeping right now.

    Awesome, Brian. Engaged!


    Blog for Beginnerss last blog post..7 Deadly Sins of Highly Ineffective New Bloggers

  2. Geoserv says:

    Hmm…good point, only thing I can think of for Digg is the number of backlinks they have, almost every blog has the Digg submit/vote link.

    Geoservs last blog post..StumbleUpon Alerter – alerts to your desktop

  3. bbrian017 says:

    Yan thanks for stopping in! I guess where I see it as unfair is when I see that big page rank 9 at digg.com (the dupe content king itself) and on the other hand Google is always stressing about unique content!

    The point is Social Networking Websites take your SERP and get all the traffic! I ensure I use unique topic titles and descriptions or I wait a few hours until the article has been cached at my blog site… then I submit to social networks!

    This way I can ensure it’s unique to my blogs and not a social network website!

  4. Jesse says:

    Could definitely be the backlink network. According to yahoo, Digg has 197 million backlinks.

    By contrast, these three PR8 social network sites have:

    Sphinn- 1.26m
    Prpeller- 1.8m
    Reddit- 3.96m

    This is evidence, I believe, of one of two things. Either Google doesn’t devalue duplicate content as much as it values backlinks (the Digg case supports that) or Google has an exeption for popular media sites.

  5. Rajesh says:

    forget about backlinks and other stuff…the simple point is google finds the content first on digg as the bots hit them regularly…so which is the duplicate? 🙁

  6. Google seems to love the “he who has the gold makes the rules” way of looking at the web. Since Google doesn’t PENALIZE duplicate content – it just ignores it – it makes sens to me that a huge backlink network bestows upon some sites the title of “ruler”. As a “king” the laws of Google and man do NOT apply.

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  7. JR says:

    It is a pisser that many of these sites can outrank your content, but this is biz as usual. But in reality no search engine penalizes anyone for duplicate content, just look at all the news feeds and reprinted articles, and G even says they just ignore the dupe content. In reality these social sites are created by us, all of us that link to them and submit to them and it is many of us marketers and bloggers that have made them so popular and huge as they are that they can outrank us with our own content, same with Hub Pages. Squid lenses and high PR forums. I can post a blog post to any of these and they may outrank me for certain keywords and for some of my lower PR blog pages.

    May I ask what platform you used to build your social network?

    JR @ Internet Marketing Strategiess last blog post..Happy Halloween!

  8. Sire says:

    So really what we should do is wait awhile before submitting our posts so that Google will recognize the content on digg for what it truly is?

    Brian, you should really give the user the option to subscribe via email to individual posts so that they can keep track of the comments.

    Sires last blog post..The Parable Of The Employer, The Employee And The Blogger

  9. cookiemonster says:

    TOS? what TOS?

  10. Ganesh says:

    Some cases this is incorrect but for 90% of the bloggers out there it’s true! Keep your eyes open start searching your keywords and see if Google is allowing digg.com to out rank you! I bet you’ll be pretty pissed off and upset.

    I’d sure be upset over that. Better be careful from now onwards.

    Ganeshs last blog post..Blogs that I Read and Enjoy – Part 2

  11. SoLinkable says:

    I actually think Google likes bookmarking sites. I imagine it has to do with loads of pages and content, lots of pages with only a couple of outgoing links (ie. all of the content pages typically have only a few outgoing links – same as a normal blog – and it doesn’t appear as a link farm), and a large number of their outgoing links are to trusted legitimate larger sites. For instance, a lot of the stories submitted to my social bookmarking site (or any for that matter) are to the AP, BBC, CNN, or similar sites.

    SoLinkables last blog post..Dilbert – I’m addicted to the internet…

  12. That’s weird that Digg can outrank my own blog for the same article. Just because I’ve been busy, I’ve been submitting to Digg 1 or 2 days after my post is on my own blog. I guess that should help.
    So You Want To Be a Banquet Manager

  13. great article.
    I’m newbie in SEO, this article very help me

    Iip Albanjarys last blog post..Black hat in SEO Contests

  14. Michael Aulia says:

    So I guess unless we make a post every hour and let Google believe that there are new contents every hour on our own blog, we’ll always get beaten on the rank

    I don’t mind if Digg or other bookmarking sites outrank me, because they’re gonna click on the title to go to my blog’s page anyway

    Michael Aulias last blog post..Fight against spam – Round IV, AntiSpam Bee enters the war

  15. Old Cars says:

    Ohhhh,The point you mentioned of google crawling our page in Digg before our blog is really something unfair.I mean our original content is considered as duplicate once its seen in Digg.com or somethings else.So whats the solution of it??Participating in Digg.com is considered as benefit & it really attracts traffic to our blog but in other way sometimes its effecting our blog.

  16. bbrian017 says:

    Old Cars – What you want to do is use unique content when submitting to social networking websites! Avoid using your targeted keywords but try to use something similar. So in general use a unique topic title and description. Google will love you even more!

    bbrian017s last blog post..Breast Feeding in the Restaurant

  17. bbrian017 says:

    wow 33 votes at blogengage that’s impressive!

    Randy there on thing that’s more important than back links and that content!

    I do however agree back links are of most importance!
    .-= bbrian017´s last blog ..Do You Like Blogging Or Just Tweeting? =-.

  18. gas card says:

    Unfortunately in the end when it comes to SEO, the backlinks to a website is much more important than anything else. I have seen simple websites with no on-page SEO at all, out rank my own website, simply because they have way more backlinks than my website. And keep in mind my own website for which I am talking about has unique content and is a blog that updates on a daily basis.


  19. Dwep says:

    Though to many sites like Digg and Reddit may appear to have a lot of duplicate content, they really don’t as the user comments definitely outweigh the amount of duplicate content. Just go to digg and click on anything that has been dugg to the first page, on any post, will have 100 comments or more, which is constantly updating, which is why it gets google love, but, that is just my opinion.
    Dwep recently posted…Best Blog Commenting ServiceMy Profile


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