Working on this new blog theme right now

As you can clearly see I’m working with a new wordpress theme. I’m still waiting on a banner to be made! I have a thread open over at DP requesting a re wording of an image to match this theme.

So far I must admit I love it. The design is nice, unique sort of as I havent’ seen it around much. But again ti’s probably like a car. You don’t see many until you own one then all of a sudden everyone is driving one. But like I said it’s pretty decent and I’m enjoying the functionality that pushes the website. Everything I’ve done has been user friendly controlled via the admin cp. I don’t add code, I don’t edit file I simply don’t do much. This is a nice relief compared to all my other templates and the mass modification simply to be happy.

What’s new on my blog: Lets have a look and see what we offer our visitors here at SEO Marketing.

The About me: I now have a small mini profile biography on my landing page. I really like the personal touch it ads! It’s a nice welcomes message to new and existing readers.


125 ad spots: I really like the new ads spots on the sidebar! I think with the right design 125* 125* ads can bring a lot to the websites. I will be using them mainly for affiliates.


Sidebar Setup: The rest of the sidebar sits really nice! I have my do follow sidebar links to all my visitors and commenter’s websites. So far this theme is working out well.


I have a footer: Out of everything so far I like my footer the best! I never had much marketing space down there and I really enjoy having the free room.


Out of everything so far I like my footer the best! I never had much marketing space down there and I really enjoy having the free room.


Do you like the new theme?

Let me know what you’re thinking!

As always don’t forget to vote for me @ blogengage and if interested you can join my social group.



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