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My name is Brian and I’m a Graduate of Business Administration Marketing. I work full time in Sales and Marketing. I’m a young and upcoming webmaster and note all my learning’s here on my blog.

My Promise to you, the reader

I will do my best and keep you all informed on the best ways to promote your site and increase organic traffic. I’m very active at many web master forums. I will continuously find and share new and innovative marketing strategies. I will compile intelligent lists of forums, programs, and other medians in which we can market and again much more!

The end goal here at SEOMKT is to help you build a better understanding of what Search Engine Optimization really means and how to start using it to your advantage! SEOMKT is to help you better advertise to your target market in order to get the best possible response from your readers and potential sales leads!

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Thanks for visiting and I hope to see you active at my blogs and posting comments.

Brian B