Avoid the Gatekeeper at all costs!

If you work in sales and marketing you fully understand the wrath of the gatekeeper. This is a term used from administrative secretaries that keep sales representatives away from making there sales pitch to the president. This is normally done at all costs. During your first Cold Call with a company you should always be on the look out for this person. Once they know you’re in sales and marketing consider yourself dead meat! The chances of talking to the president are slim to none! Don’t be surprised if you’re sent to a fake voicemail set up to entertain your time.

Lessons to learn from and things you should know for the future! We all learn from our experiences and I enjoy sharing mine with you.

1. The Gatekeeper doesn’t know anything! In fact to be frank it’s very odd you will find a gatekeeper in touch with what the company is currently doing!
2. If The gatekeeper says the company isn’t looking before you mention the product or service gatekeeper is avoiding your call and or in a bad mood.
3. When they say “I will pas your information on” confirm everything you told them. 90% of the time they will get upset and hang up the phone. You know why they hung up don’t you? Hello… they never took your information to start with.
4. Sometimes… sometimes the gatekeeper is well knowledgeable so be careful you just never know.
5. Gatekeepers will lie if they get annoyed of your sales calls. Even if the company has an interest but you call every day there’s a good chance they won’t be looking anymore when you call for the 10th time that week.

This is the sad truth behind this job position. It’s not the admin secretaries fault now remember she also has someone to answer to when that annoying president gets a sales pitch. So in the end she will most likely not let you to the president seeing it’s saving her job as well.

How can you avoid the gatekeeper and still contact the president?

1. When calling try using the dial by name feature. This could potentially allow you a direct connection with the president.
2. Try contacting the President using e-mail or fax. I know it’s a little informal but maybe it’s the only chance you currently have.
3. Mail information or send it fed-ex. Send all your documentation via postal mail and add it addressed to the Presidents name.
4. Try to contact someone different in the company. Try for someone specific to a department, something related to your product or service.
5. Convince the gatekeeper your product or service is time well spent and the president would be most interested in seeing it.

Sometimes there is no way around the gatekeeper. Sometimes it’s simply time to call it a day on that prospect! Stop wasting your energy and move on to the next number in the list. Things don’t always work out the way you want them to when in marketing and sales but if you keep trying, remain positive you will notice a big difference in the future when dealing with gatekeepers.

Best of luck,

Brian b

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